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Sunday Open Bar - Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!

With all the proceedings from yesterday regarding my favorite sports teams--the Blues most certainly included--I had what might be called the perfect sports day. So suck it, planet. Also, J-Mill's got internet issues, so you get me again. Sorry.

Sergei Gonchar doing what he's been doing a lot of this year . . . not helping his goaltender. YAY SOBE.
Sergei Gonchar doing what he's been doing a lot of this year . . . not helping his goaltender. YAY SOBE.
Dilip Vishwanat

I get a DM from J-Mill late last night about his internet issues, and he follows up with this gem:

"My link ratting PDO is running WELL under 1000 lately isn't it?"

Why yes. Yes it is. But I don't care.

Why don't I care? Because I got the royal flush of sports days yesterday. I'll explain later.

But for now, a few links to tide you over until Prospect Sunday:

  • The Blues destroyed the Stars 6-1 last night behind a balanced scoring attack. Your recap awaits . . . thanks to ExistingHorrificTardis. [SLGT]
  • The win didn't come without its' price . . . Ryan Reaves broke his hand while punching the shit out of Brenden Dillon and will be out about a month. According to Hitch, Reaves "hit that fella quite hard". I'd say. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Scores from yesterday. There were quite a few of them. []
  • You get two games tonight, and not only are nothing but (L)eastern Conference teams involved, the Red Wings are one of the four. Sorry, ya fucks. []
  • I am so, so, SO proud to be a Staunton Bulldog today. The room got a bit dusty when they scored a touchdown with under a minute left to take the lead. Not gonna lie. [State Journal-Register]
  • Your video . . . well, the only thing that didn't happen to make it an ABSOLUTE perfect sports day yesterday for me was that Mizzou didn't lose. But whatever . . . Newcastle United, Illinois football (!), Staunton High School football, Montana football (over arch-rival Montana State in the annual "Brawl Of The Wild" game) and (of course) the Blues all won yesterday. So, sports-wise, you could say that everything was coming up Milhouse:


So as it turns out, J-Mill's internet issues will not just be for THIS edition, but tomorrow as well. So that whole plan to have him doing Monday's links? Nope. Send 'em to me:

I do promise to have a proper links post up tomorrow. For what it's worth.

And as I said earlier . . . Prospect Sunday! Brian has all the news, information and insight on Blues prospects that you would ever want. So tune in.