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Wild At Blues Morning Open Thread: Boring Teams? Not This Year

The Blues and the Wild(s) are both shaking that misconception that their games are snoozefests with some high powered offensive play and some stellar goaltending.

Dilip Vishwanat

Who would ever of thought that the Minnesota Wild would be, this season, one of the top teams in the Western Conference? Sure, they're not the very toppermost of the poppermost, but they've been right in the thick of things so far. Sure, most of their success has come in front of their rabid (or as rabid as Minnesotans can be) fans at the XCEL Energy Center. At home, they're 10-1-2. On the road they're an average 5-4-2.

Most impressive for the Wild(s) has been their powerplay. It's fifth in the league with a 22.4% conversion rate. The Blues are numero uno in that category still, which may come in handy considering that the Wild's penalty kill is fifth-worse in the league.

There's no reason that the Blues can't walk out of here with a win tonight. They're 7-0-2 in their last nine against Minnesota at Scottrade. It appears that all four lines have been clicking, the defense has been solid, and both of the Blues' goaltenders are go-to kind of guys. Go on and enter into this game at least a little confident, guys. It shpuldn't end badly. Hopefully.

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It's the Monday of Thanksgiving week. If you can sit back and relax, go for it. If not, at least get there mentally. I already am.