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Monday Open Bar - Hi.

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I was going to make links, then last night's Broncos-Patriots game happened, and I said no. I'm gonna sleep it off instead.

Heh. Garbutt.
Heh. Garbutt.
Dilip Vishwanat

Here's your scores from last night.

Here's your matchups for tonight.

The Wild(s) play the Blues tonight. If the Blues score six, the percentages say Ryan Suter should be on the ice for three of them . . . since he plays thirty minutes a night, and all.

And the Illini are 3.5 point underdogs to the #DerpCats. Whatever. WE HAVE MORE BIG TEN WINS THAN YOU, NORTHWESTERN. YOU RICH WHINY PRICKS.

Y'know who else has more Big Ten wins than you, Northwestern? TOM BRADY. MICHIGAN. FUCK YOU.

Also, neither the Illini nor the Wildcats have recruited any STAUNTON MOTHERFUCKING BULLDOGS to their programs. You want winners? Start there. STATE TITLE GAME. THIS FRIDAY.

If it wasn't evident to you, I was drunk--or at least slightly buzzed--when I made these.

Help me out tomorrow, please:

No video. Sorry.

You'll find more sober game analysis later. None by me.