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Blues At Avalanche Morning Open Thread: Pop The Top Off Of The Pepsi Center

The Blues have played the Avalanche well at home, but on the road in Colorado has been a different story.

Dilip Vishwanat

Let's just say that the Colorado Avalanche would probably like some revenge for the 7-3 curbstomping served up on November 14th. Since then the Avs have lost ground in the crowded Central Division race to the Blues and the Blackhawks, though both the Avs and the Blues have 17 wins on this season so far.

None of that matters to the Blues, who want the best road record start in franchise history, and who would love to continue their tradition of snagging points against the Avs. Unfortunately wins have become as difficult to get as goals in the Pepsi Center. Even after the trade of former noted Blue killer Chris Stewart, St. Louis has had issues figuring out the Avalanche in Colorado. The fact that the Avs are probably pissed off won't help that one iota. Neither team's goalie will probably get a shutout tonight since both squads average well above three goals a game (the Blues are second at 3.44 and the Avs are fifth at 3.15).

This is your morning open thread. Swing by Mile High Hockey and say hi to the nice people over there, and make sure you check back later on for a preview via CCR and a recap via RBR. In the middle of that three-letter person sammich will be your GDT.