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Wednesday Links - Avalanche(s)!

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I do something. Blues play a game. Are the Blues a rival of the Avs? Beyond Checkerdome. Goals. Suspensions (AGAIN). Crazy former Blues. AmnesDiPietro. A group of Mizzou fans being dicks. And a goalie goal in Cawlidge Hawkee. Game day, fools.

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I still believe the Avs are going to regret picking THIS GUY over Seth Jones.
I still believe the Avs are going to regret picking THIS GUY over Seth Jones.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I asked my best friend to be my bride yesterday, and she said yes.

So whatever happens tonight, I can't really be too mad. Though a Blues win would be pretty damn awesome.


  • Beyond Checkerdome Episode 19 went to air a day early. We talked with Stanley Cup of Chowder Editor in Chief and Friend of Game Time, Sarah Connors. It was fun. [SLGT]
  • All goals seem to be important, but as CanesAndBluesFan lets us know, the most important goal may be the first one of the game, by either team. [SLGT]
  • The Blues currently top the USA Today power rankings. [USA Today]
  • Game Time writer Rick and his awesome mustache showed up on yesterday's Puck Daddy Viewing Guide in a pretty sweet Tre Kronor sweater. [Puck Daddy]


  • Wanna know some stuff about the Avalanche(s)? Go to Mile High Hockey. [Mile High Hockey]
  • Do the Avs have a new rival in the Blues? (Yeah, totally, if the Blackhawks didn't exist.) [South Stands Denver]
  • " . . . showing with his game that the truth is on his side." Because former Blues defenseman Alexei Kasatonov is crazy enough to believe that Semyon Varlamov's on-ice actions have some way to prove innocence or guilt. I'd hate to think what Kasatonov would've thought had Varlamov started playing like shit. [R-Sport]


  • Score. Yep, just one last night. []
  • FOURTEEN games tonight. I hear one of them is in Denver. []
  • Big, huge, massive TV deal struck between Rogers Sportsnet, CBC and the NHL regarding Canadian English-speaking television rights, as was noted late yesterday. []
  • Winners and losers of this TV deal. [Puck Daddy]
  • Hurricanes forward Kevin Westgarth received a two-game Shanaban for boarding Senators youngster Mark Borowiecki the other day. []
  • AmnesDiPietro. Yep, Rick DiPietro is without a job again. The Charlotte Checkers released him from his PTO. [Charlotte Checkers]
  • The Islanders unveiled their uniforms for their stadium game. It didn't have Long Island on it, which pissed off some fans, but really, if you wanted the team to stay on Long Island you would've told your beloved Island to keep the team from moving to fucking Brooklyn in 2015, but whatever. [Pro Hockey Talk]


  • A piece about Hollywood in the Heartland, focusing on Kansas City and St. Louis. Care to guess who might be in this one? Well, the stick-tap will give it away. (S/T to ActualHorrendousDroid) [Kansas City Star]
  • In Windsor, ON, people are carving dicks, or words that mean "dick" into their landscaping. Windsor decided they weren't having any of it. [Y! Odd News]
  • Speaking of dicks . . . The Antlers, a fan group of the University of Missouri basketball team. Jesus fuck, you're stupid. [Deadspin]


Cornell freshman goaltender Mitch Gillam, making his first NCAA start, scores a goal from just outside his own crease. GOALIE GOALS ARE AWESOME:

Goddamn that was a wicked wrister.

You'll find game day stuff and analysis and things later today.