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Happy Thanksgiving From St. Louis Game Time

As you gather around with your families this holiday to eat turkey and watch football, your hockey family would like to have minute of your time.

We're all thankful for #RoyWatch and #ClasslessBlues
We're all thankful for #RoyWatch and #ClasslessBlues
Jared Wickerham

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. There's so much to be thankful for this holiday, but let me start off with the folks that matter - you. St. Louis Game Time would like to thank everyone who buys the papers, sells the papers, writes for the paper, you name it. I'd also like to thank the excellent stable of writers here on the web version of the site. Tyler, Tim, Robb, Ashley, B&CFan, PaperWork Ninja, JMill, and so many others, thank you for your contributions. You guys make writing here a joy.

On a personal level, thank you to Brad for asking me to do a weekly column here four and a half years ago (!) and thank you for thinking of me when you needed someone to take over the website. I hope I've done ok.

I'm so very thankful for everyone who drops by to read the site and chat. The Game Time family is the best, bar none.

Thank you to fans of other teams who swing by and talk smack.

I'm thankful for the Eastern Conference for giving the Blues lots of points - except you, Capitals. Not cool.

I'm thankful for all of the folks who've hung out whenever I meander up. There's no get together like a GTGT.

And, of course, I'm thankful for the St. Louis Blues. Thank you for being the best hockey team in the NHL. I'm obviously biased in that statement, but I can't ever imagine loving another hockey team as much as I love this one, good season or bad.

Happy Turkey Day, Game Timers. Here's what you're most thankful for - if you didn't tweet, leave it in the comments: