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Blues At Sharks Morning Open Thread: Here Sharkie Sharkie

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If the Avalanche were upset with Chris Stewart Wednesday, the Sharks should be livid with Maxime Lapierre tonight.

Dilip Vishwanat

Yes, the Blues lost to the San Jose Sharks pretty badly the last time that they played each other, a 6-2 drubbing back on October 15th. That should add some spring to their step tonight, as revenge is always a great motivator (unless you're the Colorado Avalanche, apparently).

Oh, but the Sharks have a reason to be upset as well. They remember this, as well I'm sure all of you do. The hit that launched a stretcher and a thousand outcries of various and sundry intensities. Maxime Lapierre's hit on Dan Boyle.

Maxim Lapierre Hit From Behind on Dan Boyle (10/15/13) (via SomeHockeyVideos)

Boyle's back, scoring a goal and an assist Wednesday night. He's fine, but I'm pretty sure there's still a hint of animosity there for them to work with and for the Blues to exploit.

This is your morning open thread. Wake up, make a turkey sammich, and check back a little later on for a game preview, a VERY early GDT (3 PM puck drop, people!), and a game recap from RBR.