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Black Friday Links: Do Not Appease Logan Couture

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Captain America is off to his best start ever, Bryzzy's back, a classic game gets a reboot, and Logan Couture has his eyes fixed on the Sudetenland.

Vladimir Tarasenko, down on bended knee, pops the question: "How fast is your glove hand?"
Vladimir Tarasenko, down on bended knee, pops the question: "How fast is your glove hand?"
Dilip Vishwanat

Whether you're still in a food coma, field-dressing shopping-related wounds in the sporting goods section of a Wal*Mart, reading this while hiding from your family in the bathroom, or in some Un-American country just trying to go about your Friday without being reminded of the extreme gluttony and cut-throat capitalism inherent in US culture, I hope you're having a great time. I'm thankful I was asked on to the SLGT team this summer, and I'm thankful for all of you reading this shit.

Also, here's hoping my puck luck will improve so I don't have to keep DMing Tyler at 1:30 in the morning every weekend.

(P.S. - How 'bout dem Cowboys!)

It's the day after a holiday, plus we have an afternoon puck drop, so you'll have some light links today. But if you don't click them, they'll just sit around and go to waste, won't they?


  • David Backes is off to the best start of his career - in that he's not off to a disappointingly shitty start. But seriously, he's been especially badass so far. [STLToday]
  • Today at 3 pm CST the Blues will face-off against the Sharks for the first time since Maxim Lapierre earned a suspension, and last I heard, Dan Boyle still hadn't acceptable his apology. Expect some fireworks, but more than that, expect a hell of a game! [STLToday]
  • What are Game Timers thankful for? Besides beer and Alexander Steen that is. [SLGT]


  • The best thing about playing one of the California teams is that you know you get two great SBNation blogs to check out: Fear the Fin is great for Sharks-specific coverage with a #FancyStats twist, while Battle of California is among the best bookmarks in the hockey blogosphere, where the San Jose coverage is handled by Friend of Game Time Megalodon.
  • Dan Boyle reportedly isn't ready to shake Lappy's hand yet. I've been sick of this story line the moment the hit happened, but by all means, read more about it if you want! [San Jose Mercury News]
  • You can tell a lot about a man by the state and quality of his facial hair. For example, by looking at Logan Couture's mustache, we can tell that he wasn't accepted into the art school he applied for. Let's just hope he deals with it better than his mustache-inspiration did. [Puck Daddy]


  • There were a couple games last night, and they finished with scores. Here they are: []
  • Blues-Sharks is one of today's highlights, along with Penguins & Lightning, Avalanche & the Wild, and Rangers-Bruins on NBC proper, but there are a shit-ton of other games tonight, too. Here they are: []
  • Ilya Bryzgalov made his debut for the North Pole Edmonton Oilers last night and earned himself a 3-0 shutout of the Predators. [Copper'n'Blue]
  • I've gone on record multiple times about how against the ridiculous amount of outdoor games we're getting this year, but that hostility does not extend to the Heritage Classic - after all, our Northern Neighbors don't have much to look forward to, so why not throw them a bone with a rematch of the 1915 Stanley Cup Finals. Here's what the Canucks and the Senators will be wearing on March 2nd. [Pro Hockey Talk]


  • Quick: what's the best idea that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ever had that you wish you could buy? Other than kitten mittens. Or dick towels. Or Lethal Weapon 5. Never mind, I'll just tell you: it's wine in a can. Well, that's actually happening, so now you can drink some classy wine without worrying about spilling any with violent hand gestures! [Uproxx]


I'm only giving you one "other" link today so I can bring you a group of 4 videos. You know which hero needs a great, gritty, Chris Nolan-esque film version? The one about the plumper who eats mushrooms and breaks floating boxes with his skull. Here are a series of very well made fake teaser trailers that I kind of wish were real, starting with "The Fixer."

Then comes his brother, his partner, his friend, "The Addict."

Then comes a peak into a different world, a world torn by war and conflict. Next comes "The Soldier."

And finally, the one they're all fighting for, brought to you in song by "The Star."

Do you have any left-over links? Surely you're not going to click all of them yourself - so share them with everyone*!

*Specifically, with me, then I will share them with everyone.

It might be an early start time, but it's still game day, so be sure to stop on by for previews and whatnots before the 3:00 puck drop, along with an afternoon game day thread.