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Monday Links - Filthy Words 'N Such

Facebook. Prospect Sunday. Subtle shifts. Alligators. Craig Anderson whacked. Fuck Chicago. Wild(s) win. Fuck Detroit. Fuck Ray Emery. Tom Brady left hangin'. And filthy words on QI. Monday sucks for you, eh?

"Good job, Brian! You beat a shitty team! YAY CONFIDENCE!"
"Good job, Brian! You beat a shitty team! YAY CONFIDENCE!"
Joel Auerbach

Back to normal? Fuck normal. Normal doesn't exist.


  • J-Mill didn't really talk about this, so I will . . . the SLGT Facebook Group is dissolving into a Facebook page. It's for the better good, trust me. So like us, y'asshole. [Facebook]
  • The FB page is only one of the topics we discussed on this week's Beyond Checkerdome, recorded yesterday and distributed later this week.
  • Prospect Sunday! Here's Brian's work for the week, where he points out that Ty Rattie is starting to heat up, William Carrier is the top star and more. [SLGT; SLGT; SLGT; SLGT]
  • Subtle shifts are leading to big improvements for the Blues, as Jeff notes. [SLGT]
  • T.J. Oshie and Kevin Shattenkirk went golfing at TPC Tampa yesterday. It led to a slight Happy Gilmore moment. Again. [Twitter / @OSH74]


  • Three games yesterday. Here are the scores. Fuck Chicago. []
  • Two games tonight. Fuck Detroit. []
  • Big story from yesterday's games . . . Senators goalie Craig Anderson got run into and kneed in the head (though not intentionally) by Stars forward Valeri Nichushkin in overtime of the Stars' 4-3 shootout win. Anderson was stretchered off the ice. Also happening in this game . . . the Sens tied it with just seconds left in regulation, and there was a long OT delay due to a piece of board glass falling. [SB Nation]
  • Former Blues goalie prospect Reto Berra (sent to Calgary in the Jay Bouwmeester deal) gets the OT win and former Blues defenseman Kris Russell gets the OT winner in Chicago as the Flames beat the Blackhawks 3-2. As I said. Fuck Chicago. [Flames]
  • The Devils suck this year, in case you weren't aware. Dany fuckin' Heatley scored a fuckin' goal because he's a fuckin' All-Star and the fuckin' Wild(s) beat the fuck out of the fuckin' Devils, 4 to fuckin' nothin'. [Wild(s)]
  • Biebs rocking a Red Wings hat. He sucks regardless. [III Communication]
  • Brent Burns IS a human being after all. The Sharks defenseman-turned-forward got a haircut and shave on Friday, therefore now looking a lot less like Chewbacca, and raised a fuck-ton of cash for charity in the process. Good on ya, lad. [Puck Daddy]
  • Ray Emery will not be suspended by the League for skating out of his own net and "fighting" Braden Holtby, who was in goal for the Capitals on Friday. Holtby said he didn't want to fight Emery. Emery told Holtby to "brace yourself". Yet the NHL, who fined a coach in the preseason for "Player Selection", a rule presumably not in the books, says they can't find anything suspendable about what Emery did, basically covering for the fact that they are just absolute chickenshit. *HOPS OFF SOAPBOX* Emery is also discussed on this week's podcast. []
  • Panthers forward Krys Barch removed his own tooth and then offered it to a fan from the penalty box on Saturday. What a swell guy. [USA Today / For The Win]


  • Tom Brady being left hanging makes me happy. He's still pretty good, though. [Deadspin]
  • The Minnesota Golden Gophers are the best football team in the Twin Cities. So they decided to troll the Vikings. Can't blame 'em. Except the Big Ten blows this year. [Twitter / @GopherSports]
  • Illinois lost in OT at Penn State, but at least they didn't lose on a Hail Mary to Nebraska like Northwestern did. WHERE'S YOUR ROSE BOWL NOW, RICH SCHOOL DICKS?! #DerpCats [The Champaign Room]
  • HOLY FUCK. No one seriously hurt (AND NO ONE DIED) after a mid-air plane collision near the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. Yes, skydiving was involved. [The Atlantic Wire]
  • An alligator was found at O'Hare. Fun! [Y! / AP]
  • Mental Floss runs down 11 colors you've probably never heard of. [Mental Floss]


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