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Blues At Canadiens Morning Open Thread: Bleu, Blanc, And Rouge All Over

Jaroslav Halak will be squaring off against his old team for the third time tonight as the Blues travel to Montreal. Can St. Louis help give him a hat trick of wins?

Dilip Vishwanat

The Blues're wrapping up their East Coast road trip tonight, heading from Florida to a place where hockey has a significantly longer history: Montreal. No, really, it's a longer history. They'll tell you about it if you ask - or if you don't.

The Yankees of the NHL (except for the fact that the Yankees have won a championship in the last 20 years) are ensconced in their new division, the re-imagined Atlantic. One would think that the addition of the Tampa Bay Lightning to the mix (hense the nickname Flortheast Division) would throw off the mix, but the Bolts are running away with the division. The Habs are in fifth place. The Atlantic is benefiting from the terribleness of the Metropolitan Division, however. Five of the eight teams within the division are over .500, and it's as wide open, cut throat, and competitive as the Central Division can be. More so than the Central, honestly, considering that the Atlantic doesn't have a team like the Jets floating about.

The Blues are 4-0-1 against the Habs in their last five meetings, and Halak has a .50 GAA against them. They're the club that shot him to superstardom; he has a funny way of saying thank you. Here's hoping Halak keels showing his appreciation to the franchise that made him famous.

This is your morning open thread. Chat about, drop a prediction or two, and head over to Eyes On The Prize to say bonjour to those nice fellas. Check back later for CCR's kick ass preview, a GDT - an early one at 6:30 - and hopefully a recap of a win later on by RBR.