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Tuesday Links - Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

Blues in Montreal. Hullie for Rutherford. Ben Bishop is tall, Darren Pang is not. Paul Holmgren is a dipshit. Patrick Kaleta is now an AHL plug. Frank Seravalli explains himself. Richie Incognito is an ass. And Randy motherfucking Moller. Hockey!!!!!

Will someone answer the bell with George Parros tonight? We shall see.
Will someone answer the bell with George Parros tonight? We shall see.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Always fun when the Blues visit Les Habitants. Hopefully a positive result will come of it as well.

Links? Sure.


  • As CrossCheckRaise pointed out, Lightning(s) backstop Ben Bishop--who helped guide the Bolts to a 4-2 victory on Saturday over the Blues--is still quite popular in St. Louis. It's like he's from St. Louis or something. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Speaking of Bish--who is, as you probably know, quite tall--here he is with Fox Sports Midwest hockey color analyst Darren Pang--who is, as you probably know, NOT quite tall. [Twitter / @Panger40]
  • Jeremy Rutherford will be replaced in his weekly Thursday chat by Blues Executive VP/Ambassador of Fun/Motherfucking Legend, Brett Hull. Oughta be fun. Maybe not for Blues PR, though. [Twitter / @jprutherford]
  • Those taglines you're seeing on the Blues' official website? Well, they're looking for one for Blues forward and Alternate Captain, T.J. Oshie. I suggested #OshieDown. I don't think it's gonna fly. [Blues]
  • And yeah, I saved the bad news for last because I'm a jerk . . . Brenden Morrow was placed on IR. As of post time, no one was recalled to replace him, but I wouldn't be shocked either way. [Blues]


  • Want the skinny on the Canadiens, tonight's opponent, from the opposing view? Join Andrew Berkshire and company at Eyes on the Prize. Because I dunno, maybe you should. They still like Jaroslav Halak over there, I think. By the way, guess who starts in goal tonight? Yep, Jaro. Okay, I'm done now. Go there! [Eyes on the Prize]


  • Scores from last night. There were only two. Recaps shortly. []
  • Nine games on tap tonight. I hear one of them is in Montreal and also involves a certain Conference III team. []
  • Speaking of Conference III . . . the Jets played the Red Wings in Winnipeg last night and somehow won, 4-2. Fuck Detroit. Instead of a recap, I'm just gonna link to this because it was fucking hilarious. [III Communication]
  • The Ducks capped off a long-ass eight-game road trip by beating the Rangers at Madison Square Garden, also completing a season sweep over the faltering Rags. [Ducks]
  • Ryan Lambert shits all over Paul Holmgren, and rightfully so, in this week's "What We Learned". [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of the Flyers, Jeff Marek and Greg Wyshynski gave Philadelphia Daily News writer Frank Seravalli a chance to explain himself for picking Ray Emery as the third star on Friday. It got quite contentious. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Tim and I discuss Emery on this week's episode of Beyond Checkerdome.) [Puck Daddy]
  • And who do you blame for that mess on Friday between the Capitals and Flyers? Well, Greg Wyshynski is gonna put it on Gary Bettman and that game's on-ice officials, which included Francois St. Laurent. I can't blame him. [Puck Daddy]
  • And the real turd to top the cake . . . Winnipeg Free Press writer Gary Lawless hears that the NHL is mulling a 10-game suspension for goalies leaving their defensive zone to participate in a fight, which would basically end goalie fights as we know them. Though it's also like putting out a small campfire with water dumped from a fucking airplane, but whatever, the NHL does what it wants and that's why we'll always be rooting for a niche league. [Twitter / @garylawless]
  • The "Mike" from the old "Mike & the Mad Dog" radio show will not be talking hockey on his program. Fuck you, Mike Francesca. Your program is bullshit and it sucks anyway. [Deadspin]
  • Good news . . . it looks like Senators goalie Craig Anderson is gonna be fine. He won't play tonight, but he got out of that collision with Stars forward Valeri Nichushkin (which had no intent, mind you) with not much more than a "stiff neck". [Ottawa Sun]
  • Sabres forward and insufferable shitbag Patrick Kaleta was waived after his 10-game suspension was through. He cleared waivers and will report to Rochester, where he will either become an insufferable AHL shitbag or change his ways. [Buffalo Hockey Beat]
  • Speaking of the Sabres . . . John Scott, who recently was suspended 7 games for elbowing Bruins forward Loui Eriksson, did reach out via text message to Eriksson to apologize for the incident. Eriksson may be back with the Bruins soon. [Big Bad Blog]
  • Predators forward Richard Clune, basically the Perds' replacement for Jordin Tootoo and former teammate of Kings Captain and dirty shithead Dustin Brown, took exception to Garry Galley's (correct) assessment that Brown is a "predatory player". Imagine that, a shithead protecting a shithead! (Clune also completely danced around John Hoven's question about apologizing for dirty hits. Classy.) [Mayor's Manor]


  • Richie Incognito will apparently never play for the Miami Dolphins again because he is an insufferable, worthless asshole bully. There's hazing, then there's THIS shit. Aren't you glad to be rid of him, Rams fans? (HEADLINE NSFW) [Deadspin]
  • Most 100-year-olds spend their birthdays surrounded by family at a nursing home. What did one California man do on HIS 100th birthday? He jumped out of a plane . . . for the first time in his life. Fuck yeah, old man! [Y! / AP]


CrossCheckRaise sends me the top five goal calls of an old favorite of mine, Panthers play-by-play man and former NHL enforcer Randy Moller, for the month of October. God I love this guy!:


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