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Beyond Checkerdome Episode 16: Tangents R Us

Come listen to us struggle to stay on topic - another week of Beyond Checkerdome!

This Episode is the 2nd Best 16 out there ...
This Episode is the 2nd Best 16 out there ...
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What better way to celebrate a road win against the Habs than to check out the latest episode of Beyond Checkerdome! OK, there are a few better ways, but those are probably NSFW. Then again, so are we. Hmmm...

In this episode we talk about this past week's action, as well as the soap-opera-like drama of the rest of the NHL. The basic takeaway, I think, is that the Blues are good, Emery's a headcase, and Game Time is making some changes. And blogging doesn't get you much action.

Really, though, it's better to get it in detail here:

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For the download, go HERE

As always, thanks for listening! We're always looking for ideas and feedback. Give us a comment down below, or a review on the Itunes page (really - let folks know what they're missing!). Hit us up on twitter at @ByndCheckerdome or at BeyondCheckerdome AT Geeeeeeeemail DOT com.

Cheers, and LGB!

Tim / CrossCheckRaise

Tyler / DonutKing

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