A Silly Adventure To The Bell Centre

Pictured: classy celebration. - Richard Wolowicz

So I did sort of a dumb/awesome/why-are-you-like-this thing yesterday. I took a half day off work, left Boston at noon, got to Montreal at 5, and went to the damn Blues/Habs game.

It was my first time seeing the Blues since they beat the Sharks in 2012 (thanks, lockout....) so obviously it was QUITE EXCITING

Here's what the tickets looked like:

Here was my reaction to my friend Kathy sending me a picture of the tickets after asking me if I wanted to make this crazy mid-week trip:

(Sorry if that image is big.)

(I'm not really that sorry.)

Anyways, so the drive from Boston to Montreal isn't bad. This was actually my....sixth game at the Bell Centre? I've seen the Bruins play there four times, I went to a preseason game this year against Carolina and now, Blues. Feels good man.

The drive takes you through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont before dumping you onto this weird rural road in Quebec that has a 40mph speed limit before you get to the 35, which is the highway that goes to the city. It's a cool drive, and I'd never done it at that time of day before. There were all of two cars ahead of me at the border so the wait time was five minutes (this is awesome, always try to hit the border at off-peak times, you also will usually have a fun time talking to the border guard) and as per usual I got heckled by the very Franco border guard about where I'm from and what I was doing in Montreal.....good times.

This is on the drive up

Anyway, I got in, parked, and off to the game we went!

it was really weird being at the Bell Centre and not being heckled immediately and often, let me tell you.

There were a ton of people - like an actual ton - in Blues Halak jerseys. Apparently the way they feel about Halak is the way I feel about Sobotka aka WHY DID WE TRADE HIM EVERYTHING IS HORRAWFUL. It was sort of hilarious though, every time I high-fived one there was about a 50% chance that he or she would start babbling at me in French and I'd just be like....oh dear

So I made it my mission to find a Blues fan from actual St. Louis by the end of the game!

Here was the view from our seats, pregame

AMERICA (they do the on-ice graphics stuff for every game, I wish other teams would use these more)

Our seats were pretty good. And for only a mere $100 apiece

So anyways, then the game happened! Let's see. Highlights of the first period were definitely STEEEEEEEEEN, marveling at how the Blues took what appeared to be their first defensive zone faceoff about 18 minutes into the first period, laughing every time Sobotka and Plekanec took a faceoff against each other (my friend Kathy was wearing her Czech jersey - she is a Habs fan who also loves Sobotka/Krejci/an assortment of other Czechs, so it was great), enjoying the Parros-Reaves fight, and high-fiving the kid in the Backes shirt in the row ahead of me when Stewart scored.

This happened:

I mean, really

In the first intermission we went in search of Blues fans! And actually found some, but they were from.....Toronto. And one guy was from Ireland. I don't even know. Lots more Halak jerseys, couple of Oshie and Backes. One Cam Janssen, which we side-eyed. One Brett Hull, which was excellent. Way downstairs we could see an Al MacInnis, which was neat.

Also there was a live band on the concourse but it is definitely not as cool as it sounds: they were playing LMFAO covers. Terrible.

I saw a couple of (I'm assuming drunk) Blues fans doing the power play dance in the lower bowl when the Blues went on the powerplay. Facepalm forever.

The second/third periods were a big mess of me me yelling at Chris Stewart for looking awful followed immediately by him scoring a goal, yelling at Jay Bouwmeester for being a garbage fire (WHAT WAS THE PASS THAT LEAD TO THE HABS' 2ND GOAL I MEAN REALLY HOW DO YOU SELF-AWARENESS, J-BOUW), dying over Michael Bournival scoring a goal for Montreal (I have a poster of him from his Shawinigan days and the Memorial Cup hanging in my apartment, ugh), dying over the penalty shot that didn't go in (thank you Jaro and your weird stupid head-turny thing during penalty shots and shootouts), and clapping gleefully every time the Habs failed to sustain time in the offensive zone. (hint: that was most of the game.)

Then overtime, then the shootout, and....a win! My road record for wins is very bad overall, but for the Blues I'm now 3-1. (Counting TD Garden as a road win, hahahaha fml).

On our way back to my car I randomly found the Al MacInnis jersey guy and he was from St. Louis! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Grabbed Tim Hortons in Longueuil And then I drove home. Got back in at 4:30 am. Between the Blues winning and the stupid Habs losing, that was a GREAT DAMN TRIP.

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