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Thursday Links - It's Cal vs. Gary

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Blues host the Flames. Recorded stuff. GIF's. Jay Feaster is a dumbass. Chicago hockey fans are dicks. Awful hockey products. More flags on Olympic sweaters. More GIF's. Statue errors. Futuristic pictures. And cats of stoner hockey fans. 'Ay yo!

You CANNOT stop the creepiness of Jay Bouwmeester. Not even in Montreal.
You CANNOT stop the creepiness of Jay Bouwmeester. Not even in Montreal.
Richard Wolowicz

Tonight's opponent . . . well, they're not your . . . ummmm, uncle's Calgary Flames, I tell ya.


  • Remember that first goal of the game Tuesday by Alexander Steen? Well, it was set up by David Backes, shortly after Backes planted Swedish tough guy Douglas Murray on his ass, rather forcefully. It was a beautiful play from the power forward. Hildy has it in GIF form. [SLGT]
  • Speaking of Steen, though . . . he was part of's latest Fan Faceoff survey. And yes, my answer would be "no" too. [SLGT]
  • Our pal Sarah Connors wrote words about her trip to Montreal to see the Canadiens host the Blues. With pictures. Miss ya! [SLGT]
  • Oh, and Tim and I recorded shit. Or Beyond Checkerdome, as it's called. We talked about last week's three games, John Scott, Ray Emery and a lot of other shit because we go on tangents often. [SLGT]


  • Go visit Matchsticks & Gasoline for everything you'll ever want to know about the Cal/Gary Flames from a Flames fan's point of view. Plus, I fucking love that name. [Matchsticks & Gasoline]
  • Also of note . . . Jay Feaster is a fucking idiot, and this is just another of the long list of reasons why the Flames should fire this hack. He might've mandated a piece of equipment, and while it's a noble cause, it's a possible CBA violation. [TSN]


  • Four games last night. Two games were Conference III exclusives. THE AVALANCHE(S) LOST! Oh, and Fuck Chicago (more on that later). []
  • Eleven contests tonight. I hear one of them is not too far from a big Arch thing. []
  • Big story of yesterday's games . . . the douchebag who took Adam Pardy's helmet and the bitch who poured beer on Pardy's head after Brandon Bollig sent Pardy flying through the boards, breaking the glass. Would've been funnier had Pardy gone all Plager on these dicks. Or if Pardy found out where these idiots worked and took a shit on their desks or something. [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK, NHL? (S/T to simpson316) [Twitter / @SuicidePass]
  • The hockey team for Suomi (for the uninformed . . . Finland) will have sweaters with a lot of their flag on them at the 2014 Olympiad. [SportsNet]
  • The "Intent To Blow" rule was involved in Tuesday's fiasco in San Jose. As is tradition. To recap, the Sharks got fucked out of an OT winner THANKS TO this dumbass rule, and later the Sabres won in a shootout. [CBC]
  • This GIF of Alexander Ovechkin giving Tom Wilson the shaving cream pie to the face makes him look like a terrifying goof ball. #TeamOvi forever, baby. [Imgur (via Twitter / @CapitolsHill)]
  • Ryan Lambert's Power Rankings. They're not your momma's Power Rankings. They're actually funny. [Puck Daddy]
  • Erroneous names, dates, teams and shit were put on a Stanley Cup replica which was part of a statue recently unveiled at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre in Brantford, ON . . . [Brantford Expositor]
  • . . . but the artist says he's gonna fix that. [Brantford Expositor]


  • Times are tough for Buffalo sports fans these days. Also, something about blowback. (from the podcast. LISTEN TO IT!) [Deadspin]
  • This SEEMS rather unsettling. A European satellite is set to crash down to earth in the coming days, but no one knows exactly when or exactly where. Though, no one seems worried. [Y! / The Sideshow]
  • This "TheFuturePic" Twitter account is pretty cool. It shows pretty much OUR view of 27th Century Detroit, but it has a bleak outlook on how East St. Louis will look 30 years from now. [Twitter / @TheFuturePic]


Some stoner Ducks fan's cat watches hockey. Happens to be a Blues game!

Who names their cat "Dave"? A stoner Ducks fan, I guess.

Welp, provided he's not on vacation again or doesn't get violently ill or whatever, that Halloween-loving fool, J-Mill, has your links for Friday thru Sunday. Send him links, videos and shit*. Like this:

*NOTE: Please do not send J-Mill actual shit via e-mail or on Twitter. Thanks.

And you will see content today regarding tonight's game. SLGT subscribers, look for your PDF. And buy a Game Time paper if you're going to the game tonight. Best $4 (or $5, if you tip your vendor, AS YOU SHOULD, YOU HEATHEN) you'll spend all night.


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