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GameThread for Pittsburgh Penguins at St. Louis Blues, Nov 9, 2013

Sid and the Pens face off against Steen and the Blues. Both teams have 22 points, and yet somehow one is leading their division while the other's not. Reminder: the East is terrible.

Dilip Vishwanat

I love Western Conferenece hockey. I enjoy everyone on a team working hard, throwing hits, and making smart plays. Much like I love National League baseball, where players are expected to hit and field, I love the conference where players are expected to both be physical and skilled.

Sidney Crosby may be the greatest player in hockey (to some), and the Pittsburgh Penguins might be a consistently good team, but the Blues have minimized his impact big time. A -2? No goals? Ok then, Sid. You just try to finesse your way around Roman Polak. See how that works.

No Jordan Leopold tonight, as he hurt his hand blocking a shot. Ian Cole will be in to take his place, but that won't make or break the Blues. What will do it is if they're not smart. No stupid penalties tonight, guys.

This is your gameday thread. Let's clip these flightless birds wings. Let's see if the Blues can show the Penguins how to march. Let's do this. Let's get two points.

Let's Go Blues.