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Sunday Brunch: Light Links...If That's O.K.

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Straight to the point. Click these...or else!

"Sliiide to the right...sliiide to the left...FREEZE! EVERY BODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!"
"Sliiide to the right...sliiide to the left...FREEZE! EVERY BODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!"
Jen Fuller

If your family is like mine, then today is the last day you have together before everyone starts heading their own ways back home from Thanksgiving. In which case, here are some basic links so you can maximize your family time today.

On the other hand, if you're trying to spend these last few hours avoiding your family, you can always click and read these links incredibly slow. Up to you.

  • Jaden Schwartz has been damn good so far. Maybe it's about time I switched my number 9 jersey from Paul Kariya to Schwartzie. [STLToday]
  • Your games from last night - notable scores include Chris Kreider notching a hat trick for the Rangers against Vancouver 5-2, the Blackhawks over the Yotes also 5-2, Colorado beating the Wild 3-2 in a shootout, and Joe Pavelski also getting a winner in the shootout for the Sharks over the Ducks 4-3. [ 11/30]
  • Only 3 games today, with the "highlight" being Daniel Alfredsson returning to Ottawa for the first time as the Senators host the Redwings. [ 12/1]

  • Your Sunday NFL coverage map - hopefully the Blues' stinker against San Jose was just building up some good Bay Area karma for the Rams to knock off the 49ers! [506 Sports]
  • Yesterday was the 178th birthday of Mark Twain, aka, the father of American humor. To celebrate, here are 10 of his most famous quotes that he never actually said. [Mental_Floss]
  • Congratulations are in order for Cardinals pitcher Shelby Miller and his new bride, Amy. The couple got married on November 16th. The two of them shared their story alongside Shelby's rise through the Cardinals minor league system with none other than The Grey Lady herself. [New York Times]


A goalie in the KHL tried to clear the puck from his crease. Instead, he sent it to the back of his net. Perhaps it's a little too similar to this Jaro "classic," but it's still pretty funny.

It's December, so I can't resist throwing out some Holiday-themed videos this month...if you don't mind. No idea if Donut King will keep it up, but let's start where every Christmas season should start - the Satellite of know, if that's O.K. with you.

Tomorrow is Monday. If you pass me a note in class, I'm just going to keep passing it to Tyler, so you might as well pass it to him yourself.

Check back for Prospect Sunday today, and possibly a bonus post as well.