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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Winnipeg Jets, Dec 10, 2013

The Blues are off to the 'Peg to take on a Central Division opponent that should be beatable. The fact that the Jets seem hard to ground for the Blues should be a wake-up call.

Marianne Helm

The Blues tend to play well against the Winnipeg Jets. They did so when they were the Atlanta Thrashers, and they've continued to generally do so now... except for the game that they blew in Winnipeg at the start of the season, then the home game against the Jets where they really had to fight them off...

Don't let records fool you. They might be 4-0-2 in the last six games against these guys going back to Atlanta, but those four wins weren't always easy and those two OTL/SOL were avoidable. The Blues are not playing their best hockey right now, losing three out of the last four games specifically because they haven't had any focus and have come out slow and sluggish. The win against the Islanders also wasn't the cleanest of victories, despite the score.

They need to wake up. Hopefully the cold ass temperatures in Winnipeg'll do it for them. What's the local forecast for tonight?


Holy shit.

This is your GameDay Thread. Let's comment like what we bitch about'll keep the guys warm. Let's hopefully come out swinging. Let's do this. Let's go Blues.