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Beyond Checkerdome Episode 21: Glasses Half Full

We take a look at the past week, where the Blues were 1-2-0 ... Hey Bartender!!!!!

Too Late, Anders, No Use Begging Now ....
Too Late, Anders, No Use Begging Now ....
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there! Beyond Checkerdome is on the air, once again!

This week we try to put some context behind the rough stretch of games we've seen from the Blues. Additionally, we introduce a few new beers, have some fun at Patrik Berglund's expense, talk about the defensemen on Team Canada, and the nasty business in the BOS/PIT game. And more!

Have a listen, eh?

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Thanks, once again for listening, and doubly so for the feedback we've gotten so far. KEEP IT COMING!! Take note, there's an assignment in this week's show - I'm curious to see who jumps on that. Feel free to do some extra-curriculars as well.

As always, feel free to hit us up on twitter at @ByndCheckerdome or via email BeyondCheckerdome AT GeeeeeMail DOT com.

Have a great week! Let's Go Blues!

Tim / CrossCheckRaise

Tyler / DonutKing


UPDATE: For those that downloaded early, you may have noticed that this week's episode was a repeat of LAST week's episode. That should be rectified now. Sorry about that. Thanks for listening! -- DK