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Friday Links: ...They DO Know It's Spelled "Leaves," Right?

Blues burn Lea(ve)s, 2 different St. Louisan goalies notch wins, the Conference III Title Belt, and Jay Feaster finally achieves his goal. Plus a bunch of stoners scatter.

Dear Jason, Thank you for your mid-game Open Letter - it really was the thing I needed to finish off that play! But I must decline your invitation to "just chill at your friend's place, maybe find something on Netflix and order a pizza or something."
Dear Jason, Thank you for your mid-game Open Letter - it really was the thing I needed to finish off that play! But I must decline your invitation to "just chill at your friend's place, maybe find something on Netflix and order a pizza or something."
Dilip Vishwanat

The last week or two, the Blues have looked like they needed a fire lit under their asses. And you know what makes great kindling? A Leaf.


  • The Blues beat up the Maple Leafs last night, with an official final score of 6-3, but if anyone told you it was that close, they're pedaling some bullshit. Your recap, courtesy of Ashely, aka, HonestlyFailedHal9000. [SLGT]
  • Here's how our friends up at PPP saw the game. They described it as "unwatchable after about fifteen minutes of play," which should be our goal to get the other team's fans say exactly that every game.  [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Leafs coach Randy Carlyle said that his team were "totally brain-dead" last night. Sounds about right. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Usually I'd rather link you to 2 Girls 1 Cup than to a Joe Strauss article, as it would provide you with more stimulating content, but as far as I know, this is the first time The Stillman Group has commented on The Attendance Crisis of 2013-14, calling it a potential "red flag." [STLToday]
  • The Toronto media went all ga-ga over Alexander Steen and his former-Leaf-ness, so the Cleveland Steener reflected on his time in Torahnah. Sticktap to CrossCheckRaise. [Toronto Sun]
  • Believe it or not, I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. And it seems, lately at least, that Maxim Lapierre is doing damn well trying to prove my old piece wrong - in now 20 games since his suspension for the Dan Boyle hit, Lappy has yet to take a penalty. [Twitter @STLBlueshistory]


  • 11 games last night, and most of them ended with final scores. Read them here. [ 12/12]
  • Surprisingly enough, there are only 3 matches on this Friday night, two are crappy Eastern matchups and the other one is a crappy Canadian matchup. Tonight might be a good night to spend away from hockey, if you're still physically and emotionally capable of doing so. [ 12/13]
  • The big news of yesterday? Calgary GM Jay Feaster finally Costanza'd his way out of his job. Brian Burke, the man who made the Leafs what they are today, will take over as "interim GM," if you believe him even for a second. [Flames]
  • Our old friend Ben Bishop held Fuck Detroit scoreless in the shootout until St. Louis (Martin, of course) could win it for the Lightning 2-1. [Raw Charge]
  • It was a damn good night for St. Louisans in the NHL, as Mike McKenna started for the Blue Jackets at Madison Square Garden and recorded his first Big League victory. Here's what he had to say after the game. (Another sticktap to CCR.) [Blue Jackets Audio]
  • The Nashville Predators retained the Conference III Title Belt last night against the Dallas Stars, and the only one more excited than J.R. was Preds goalie Carter Hutton. Seriously. [III Communication]
  • Great news for you out-of-town Game Timers (or really, any sports fan anywhere in the US): the FCC might soon end all black-outs in sports television. This article doesn't mention it, but I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that this has something, perhaps a lot, to do with the new Canadian NHL TV deal...I I'll sort it into the 'Hockey News.' Sticktap to Ashley, aka, TactileCringe-worthyFembot. [Time Entertainment]


  • Here's some more great news for everyone here: studies show that people go through life without drinking alcohol are statistically more likely to die younger than drinkers. So next time you buy a drink for a lady (or fella) at the bar, let them know how you're helping save their life. [Business Insider]
  • I believe a few weeks ago, I brought you Football as Football, a series by a designer trying to re-imagine NFL logos as soccer crests in the style of each of the four biggest soccer leagues in Europe (England, Germany, Spain, and Italy). In case you missed it (or I just have a terrible memory and didn't actually put it in the links), here's Round One, to catch you up with the newly released Round Two. I think I prefer the English crest for the Rams to the Spanish one, but feel free to judge yourself. [Football as Football]
  • The 2012 Video Game of the Year, Telltale's The Walking Dead, is back very soon for it's second season. Here's a teaser trailer that let's you know to prepare yourself - seriously, if you haven't played the first season of TWD, you have no idea a video game is capable of doing to you emotionally. Truly brilliant storytelling, and not just for a video game - you could probably even argue it's written better than the The Walking Dead TV show. CLEMENTINE! NO!  [Telltale Games]
  • Sometimes you may do something that might make you think you could be a terrible person, and sometimes you might be right - but you're not nearly as bad as any of these 20 Worst People of 2013. Unless one of these are you, in which case, congratulations on cracking the top 20! [Riverfront Times]


Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jon Lajoie would like to pass along a holiday message to you all...

I know for our college crowd your semester is probably over or ending today, but I'd still like to impart some knowledge when it comes to higher learning: if you choose to partake in certain, shall we say...dank as shit...activities, please do so wisely. For example, hot boxing a giant, multicolored parachute in broad daylight in the middle of campus while a tour group watches on, would probably qualify as a bad idea. Unless you can run REALLY fast. (Probably NSFW)

Maaaaan, don't beau-guard those stanky links dude - click, click, pass! Specifically, pass it to me.