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Blues At Blue Jackets Morning Open Thread: Relegation To The East

The Blues are looking to continue their Eastern Conference domination tonight by taking on an old Central Division foe.

More points for Schwartz tonight? Why not!
More points for Schwartz tonight? Why not!
Kirk Irwin

Everyone was worked up about the Detroit Red Wings going to the Eastern Conference. "Oh, it'll be unfair!" people cried. "They'll run over everyone in the East!" Blah blah blah so on and so forth. No one expected anything out of the Blue Jackets, because everyone was so worked up about the Red Wings.

Only one of those two teams have lived up to expectations (or lack thereof). The Wings aren't wiping the floor with everyone, and the Blue Jackets are hovering around the .500 mark in the Metropolitan Division, which is the weakest division in the NHL.

So far this season against Eastern Conference teams, the Blues have lost just twice, once to the Washington Capitals, once to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Both of those teams are much more successful than the Jackets are this year. Columbus does play the Blues hard, be it in hockey or pre-game soccer matches, so don't count them out as a pushover. Tonight'll be tough, but it's a winnable game.

This is your morning open thread. Head over to The Cannon and say hi, and head back over here later for a game preview by CCR, the GDT, and a RBR RealGoodRecap.