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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Columbus Blue Jackets, Dec 14, 2013

The Blues are taking on an old foe, the Columbus Blue Jackets. Will their Eastern domination continue?

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

In case you've missed it, Columbus Blue Jackets goalie Mike McKenna is from St. Louis, and he got the win Thursday night against the New York Rangers. If you're wondering where Sergei Bobrovsky is, he's broken, which makes Curtis McElhinney their current starter. But he's broken too! That means that tonight we'll be facing the hometown boy.

The Blues have a good chance at a win, but the Jackets are 4-1-0 so far this month. They've been playing really good hockey as of late, so letting up off of the gas wouldn't be advised for the Blues. If St. Louis has a strong first period like they did against the Maple Leafs, and if they don't score any own-goals, there's no reason that the Blues can't walk away with a win.

This is your game day thread. Remember, the start is an early one at 6:00, so order your pizza and buy your beer early.

Let's do this. Let's get two more points. Let's go Blues.