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Sharks At Blues Morning Open Thread: The Schedule Maker Is Terrible

The Blues are returning from a tough 3-2 overtime loss in Ottawa without their captain and possibly without two of their best forwards.

Dilip Vishwanat

Wow, I can think of absolutely no better time for the Blues to face the Sharks, can you? Already short Vladimir Sobotka and Jaden Schwartz to lower body injuries, captain David Backes is more than likely not playing tonight thanks to a concussion. Barret Jackman as well looked battered at the end of the game last night.

My expectations are not high.

Call me a fatalist. Point out "But Hildy! The Sharks have lost five of their last six! They were sleepwalking through their game against the Predators!"

Sure. They're also well-rested, because they've been off since Saturday. Also, most of their best players aren't in traction. And they've netted six goals against the Blues in each of their games against St. Louis this season.

I may be a fatalist. I may be a realist.

Or I may just be trying some reverse psychology. Hey, it worked on Lance Lynn. Sometimes.


Anyways, check back later for some Lighting the Lamp, a game preview, and the usual stuff followed up by a RBR recap. There are a lot of cheap seats available on StubHub. People, get your asses to the game.

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