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Tuesday Links - Negativity Might Be Okay Right Now

Blues lose. Backes hurt, probably concussed. Blues vs. Sharks tonight. Yeah, last night sucked and tonight might be worse. But hey, see some last-minute hockey-related Christmas gift ideas and a Blues' holiday video and its' outtakes!

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Chris Neil is pretty good at beating up on people smaller than him.
Chris Neil is pretty good at beating up on people smaller than him.
Bruce Bennett

Well holy shit. That was not good.


  • The Blues took a point last night, thankfully. They lost 3-2 in overtime. But that wasn't the worst of it. But here's your recap from Ashley, aka DisputableRedeemingCharacter. [SLGT]
  • But yeah, big news is that David Backes might have a concussion. Shit shit shit fuck shit shit shit shit. SHIT. FUCK. [SLGT]


So I told my fiance she could post a bunch of links for last-minute hockey-related Christmas gift ideas. Well, this is about as last-minute as it gets! Plus, we all need to think happy thoughts after last night. Take it away, Kate!

  • "Old school hockey mask replicas." [Hockey Masks]
  • "Who doesn't need a Mike Commodore bobblehead. Just look at that hair!" [Sioux Shop]
  • "The only acceptable hair style in Canada." [The Great Canadian Gift Company] (Ed. Note: God, that website name is ridiculous.)
  • "For those who can't grow a beard, you can still get playoff beered." [Zazzle]
  • "Perhaps this can help you sneak alcohol into the arena." [Lucky Puck]
  • "For those who'd like a photo of Hal Gill, here's the shirt for you." [Sauce Hockey]
  • "For those who'd like a shirt from a clothing brand created by a man with a Princeton education and who can speak at least 5 languages, here's 'Violent Gentleman' George Parros." [Violent Gentlemen]
  • "Here's a shirt with a blue buffalo thing...also a KHL team!" (Ed. Note: Dinamo Minsk is probably better than the Sabres, or at least one would think.) [KHL Store]
  • "A must have for all hockey fans?" [Total Hockey]
  • "And for those completely obsessed with their hockey team." [Total Hockey]


  • You probably know our California friends by now . . . first, the Sharks-Only place to go to is Fear The Fin, with plenty of "Friends of Game Time". [Fear The Fin]
  • And there's the site dedicated to all things NHL in California, the Battle of California. [Battle of California]


  • For Christmas this year, the Dallas Stars told Kari Lehtonen that they weren't going to play defense in front of him. That, and other scores from last night. [ 12/16/13]
  • Twelve games tonight, including the big one tonight at the DrinkScotch with, like, half a healthy Blues squad or something. [ 12/17/13]
  • Ryan Lambert, in his weekly What We Learned piece, thinks Brendan Shanahan should get a bit more serious about suspensions. And while I would tend to agree, the last time Shanahan got serious on suspensions, the NHLPA told him to get fucked with a rusty hammer. So yeah, probably not happening any time soon. [Puck Daddy]
  • Alexander Ovechkin is scoring goals at an obscenely absurd rate. Probably because he's really fucking good at hockey and stuff. [Japers' Rink]
  • Speaking of Ovi, or at least the Capitals, one Caps fan took a puck to the face during Sunday's game with the Flyers and instead of going to get stitches, she decided to stay at the game and watch overtime between the two teams. SHE'S A HOCKEY FAN, GODDAMNIT. [Deadspin]
  • The NHLPA announced that Bruins forward Shawn Thornton is appealing his 15-game suspension. Can he win that appeal, though? (I say . . . no. Not even to cut a couple games off the ban.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of suspensions . . . Oilers defenseman Corey Potter got a two-gamer for putting Nick Bonino's face into the bottom of the boards. []
  • And Penguins enforcer Deryk Engelland is getting an in-person hearing for trying to turn Justin Abdelkader's face into spaghetti squash. Meeting's tomorrow. []
  • One Blue Jackets blogger wonders if it's time for Jared Boll to get lost. He's got a point. [Union And Blue]


  • This is pretty cool . . . a student and a professor at Salish Kootenai College--the college of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, the reservation just north of where I live--are using Google Earth to try to integrate tribal language place names to their proper points on the map and make these land points more interactive for visitors. [Missoulian]
  • "I'll just swallow these necklaces I stole!" *GOES THROUGH METAL DETECTOR* "Oh shit." [Y! Odd News]
  • Here's what a professional rugby player's face looks like after getting stepped on and getting stitches and all that junk. Holy shit. [Deadspin]


Puck Daddy panned the Blues' Christmas video (kinda jokingly, actually, because that's how Wysh rolls), but I thought it was all sorts of hilarious:

And the outtakes:


Maybe Santa Claus will deliver David Backes from the quiet room before tonight's game. Either way, send me links and shit. Or booze. I accept whatever you'll give me:

And find more content about tonight's tilt with the Sharks later on in this here web page. Also, if you're headed to the DrinkScotch tonight, buy a Game Time and tip your vendor.