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David Backes Injury: Backes Listed As Day-To-Day, Will Miss Game Against Sharks

The Blues' captain will be missing tonight's matchup between the Blues and Sharks.

Bruce Bennett

This isn't what Blues fans wanted to hear, but I'm pretty sure it's what we expected. David Backes, who hasn't missed a game since January 25th, 2010, will be out tonight against the Sharks.

Ahh, the dreaded "day-to-day," which is just as fantastic as an "upper body injury."

Backes left yesterday's game against the Ottawa Senators toward the end of the second period after a helmet on helmet hit from Colin Greening that left Backes woozy and stumbling while leaving the ice. It took until an hour or so before game time for the Blues to release that Backes is out; don't expect word on for how long until the doctors go over him with a fine tooth comb.

Backes has 16 goals and 30 points so far this season. No call-ups have been announced, but expect the lines to be shuffled like a deck of cards tonight.