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Beyond Checkerdome: Victory Monster

Episode 22 is uploaded and ready for your listening pleasure ... no, really this time ....

Biggest "pop" of the Night ...
Biggest "pop" of the Night ...

We're pretty sure it's loaded right, anyway.

This week the Blues' winning streak coincides with Tyler's own streak... Also we talk about the James Neal and Shawn Thornton suspensions, the Blues week that was - especially the Leafs game, the amazing goalie depth around the league, and Chris Stewart's recent hot stick . Also also, Tim learns that victory can still taste a little shitty. All this, and much much more!!

Have a listen, eh?

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For the ol' right-click style, HERE ya go.

As always, thanks for listening. We have plans for some more fun in the upcoming episodes. We appreciate you all sticking with us! Please - send us whatever feedback that crosses your mind. Hit us up at @ByndCheckerdome on twitter, or drop us a line at

Until next time, Cheers!!

Tim / CrossCheckRaise

Tyler / DonutKing