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Canadiens At Blues Morning Open Thread: To Hab Or Hab Not

The Blues are slumping thanks to injuries, and the Montreal Canadiens are playing solid hockey. Will tonight be revenge for the Habs' loss in Montreal?

Richard Wolowicz

Sure, the Blues are kind of in the middle of a two game losing streak. But hey, Alexander Steen'll be with the team for three more years, and security isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Unfortunately, with injuries mounting up, the Blues don't have a lot of security as far as who is making up what line. Carlo Colaiacovo of all people was playing left wing on the checking line on Tuesday night. Sure, they could call someone up, but that would necessitate putting Vladimir Sobotka, David Backes, or Jaden Schwartz on injured reserve, which means that they could possibly be out of commission longer than they need to be. Frankly, that'd be bad.

So tonight, what will the fans see? Who knows. It could be another amagalmation of line combinations. Schwartz and Sobotka could be good to go. They could be out. Backes could remember what his own name is miraculously and return to the top line.

Basically, I don't know what to expect, and neither should you. Isn't uncertainty fun?