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GameThread for Montreal Canadiens at St. Louis Blues, Dec 19, 2013

Jaden Schwartz makes his return to the lineup, which marks the end of the Carlo Colaiacovo at left wing era.

Richard Wolowicz

Hey, have you heard? Alexander Steen's resigned! Just thought you could've missed it somehow. Friendly reminder, and all of that.

I did really enjoy this post from Lou Korac - the guys in the locker room were really excited by Steen re-upping. Hockey player "excited" is probably different from the rest of our versions of that emotion, but the Blues really, really seemed energized by Steen's contract.

"He deserves everything he gets," right winger T.J. Oshie said of Steen, the team's leader in goals (22) and points (36). "He's a huge part of this team. He's the main nucleus as far as work ethic, as far as doing the right things, as far as guys that want to win. Army did the right thing there in locking him up.

"He's one of our No. 1 guys in every aspect, whether it's anywhere on the ice, whether it's in the locker room. If the right words need to be said, Steener suually says them. He's just a great guy. There's a lot of smiles on guys' faces knowing he's going to be here for three more years."

Lot of smiles on the team's faces, lots of smiles on the fans' faces... let's see if the team can give the fans another thing to be happy about. A two-game season sweep against Les Habitants would be a nice start. Jaden Schwartz is back tonight, though David Backes and Vladimir Sobotka are both still out. The line-up's getting closer to being whole again, and no one' gone onto injured reserve yet. Hope? Well, that's what this season is all about then, right?

This is your gameday thread. Go on and cuss in French. No one'll know what you're saying.

Let's do this. Let's get two more points. Let's Go Blues.