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Friday Links: Hab It Your Way

Alexander Steen is awesome, Claude Giroux is very lucky, Linus Omark is very not, and what would Brian Boitano do? Not what Dustin Brown did, that's for damn sure.

Why Neverland is that way, Alex Galchenyuk! Second star to the right and straight on till morning!
Why Neverland is that way, Alex Galchenyuk! Second star to the right and straight on till morning!
Dilip Vishwanat

"Anytime the Montreal Canadiens come to town, you know it's a big deal."

- no one under the age of 28


  • The Blues took down Les Habitants 5-1 last night. SBNation went down worse than a Vancouver Canuck last night, so no SLGT recap, but here's the official word on the game. [Blues]
  • And here's your Québécois perspective - don't worry, it's in English. [Montreal Gazzette]
  • Newly minted millionaire (well, more of a millionaire) Alexander Steen netted himself 2 goals, tying his single season career high with 24 only 34 games. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • This could go here or below, but J.R. of III Communication is planning an all out Conference III Festivus Extravaganza! And he needs YOUR help! Email him your rankings for your most hated teams in Conference III and air all of your grievances with our division rivals. I urge you to please describe to him in great detail how terrible Kandy Kane and the Fuckhawks are. [III Communication]


  • There were 10 other games last night, including LA topping the Sharks 4-1, Buffalo beating Boston 4-2 (I know, right?), and the Flyers with an epic 5-goal 3rd period comeback to beat the BJs 5-4 in regulation. [ 12/19]
  • 5 games tonight, with a couple TRULY HUGE former Southeast division revivals in Caps-Canes and Panthers-Jets. Also I guess some people might care about Blackhawks-Canucks and Rangers-Islanders. [ 12/20]
  • Part of that big Philly comeback saw Claude Giroux score twice (and assisting on two others), including this sincerely ridiculous winner with 1:38 left on a no-look backhander from the bottom of the circle hitting the top shelf. That's some Mario Lemeiux-level shit right there - do NOT skip over this one! [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The Leafs & Yotes went to a shootout last night, where they had to go to the video review on a James van Riemsdyk attempt. The review was inconclusive, meaning the call on the ice stood. Trouble was, there was no call on the ice. [Puck Daddy]
  • In case you hadn't heard yet, both NHL Network and will be showing live coverage of each USA game in this year's World Juniors, which start next week. And of course I have to work during three of the biggest games, including our Gold Medal defense. But you know what they say: "Oh, Momma, don't you cry..." []
  • Speaking of USA Hockey, they're considering a plan to ban fighting in all American amateur leagues, specifically the USHL and the NAHL. I'm not saying they should, but IF they are going to, that'd be the way to do it. It's like how 10-15 years ago no one in the NFL ran a 3-4 defense, because no college teams were using schemes that developed nose tackles - if there are none to draft, then there won't be any in the league. [SBNation NHL]
  • When Linus Omark heard he had been traded away by the Oilers yesterday, he had a 28/29 chance, or 97%, of moving up in the league standings. Apparently Linus Omark must have broken a mirror with a black cat while running with scissors under a ladder, because he's now on the Buffalo Sabres. [Die By the Blade]
  • Dustin Brown is a shit stain on the world's tighty-whiteys. Additionally, Dustin Brown put away his Amazing Flying ElbowsTM for the night and whipped out his knee-seeking missile against Tomas Hertl. [Fear the Fin]


  • Short of boycotting, what's the biggest message the US could send to tell Russia to take their hate-filled anti-LGBT laws and shove them? Naming openly homosexual former Olympic medal winners Billie Jean King, Caitlin Cahow, and (as of yesterday) Brian Boitano to the Presidential Delegation which will represent the nation in Sochi. In fact, it's probably an even stronger message. So fuck yeah, America - a must read! Sticktap to CrossCheckRaise. [LA Times]
  • Why should the Clauses have to do what Santa wants during the holidays? This year, Mrs. Claus wants to spend Christmas with her family. [The New Yorker]
  • Bill fuckin' Murray is awesome! Here's six reasons why, and surprisingly it isn't just the word "Ghostbusters" written six times. [Mental_Floss]


Why do you think the US will be sending all these openly LGBT athletes to Russia? Because that's what Brian Boitano would do! (As far as South Park goes, it could be much more NSFW, but I'd still use the same discretion.)

The only thing more lovelier than a lark who is learning to pray: an R2-unit who is learning to sing! From the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special comes C-3PO and R2-D2 performing "Sleigh Ride"...sort of. Sticktap to Childhood Trauma.

Don't tell George Lucas that's out there, or he'll destroy all evidence that this video ever existed, and that includes keeping all of us quite. YOU'RE IN THIS WITH ME NOW WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, GODDAMNIT!

So now that we're being hunted by George Lucas, let's stick together - starting with you sending me links to share!

And one last note: "Finish your fucking shopping you lazy ass." ...I'm sorry, that one was for me.