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Blues Place Vladimir Sobotka On Injured Reserve

It was only a matter of time before the forward went on the IR to make way for a call-up.

Patrick Smith

The Blues placing forward Vladimir Sobotka onto the injured reserve list is completely expected, as he has missed the last three games with the dreaded "upper body injury," whatever that might be. He left the ice in Saturday's game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, and that was the last we've heard of him.

Except, of course, to be told that he's injured but not on the IR because the Blues wanted to wait and see if he could come back. In the meantime, Carlo Colaiacovo played left wing. Doing this is a move to prevent that from happening again, vis a vis being able to call a player up from the Chicago Wolves.

No call-up has been announced as of yet. Sobotka did not make the trip to Edmonton with the team for tomorrow night's game against the Oilers, or for Monday night's game against the Calgary Flames. He's a tough guy to have to leave at home, since his draw rate on face-offs is 61.8% - which leads the league.