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Saturday Links: No Blood For Oil!

The Blues awkwardly bump into an ex, Sobotka takes his gumption to the IR, Dustin Brown is still a turd, and America destroys Canada, predictably. I-L-L-...

" look's work going? ...That's good - listen, I've got this thing...I have to - but it was nice seeing you. Take care..." (that was awkward)
" look's work going? ...That's good - listen, I've got this thing...I have to - but it was nice seeing you. Take care..." (that was awkward)
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

You may have missed it while SBNation was crapped out, but did you know that there were links yesterday, too? Make sure you catch up on them first - you don't want to miss any crucial plot points!


  • When the Blues take the very good ice tonight in Edmonton against the Oilers, David Backes will still not be in uniform. He will, however, be with the team in Alberta, leaving open the possibility of playing in Calgary on Monday. He practiced yesterday, but still isn't quite ready to bash in Canadian skulls. [STLToday]
  • Vladimir Sobotka on the other hand stayed behind in St. Louis, as he was placed on Injured Reserve yesterday, allowing the team to call up a Chicago Wolf to take his place...which as of this writing, they have not enjoy another night of Carlo Colaiacovo as a winger. [SLGT]
  • *SNIFF* Do you smell that? It smells *SNIFF* poutine and white must be David Perron! [STLToday]
  • The Alexander Steen extension has been the main focus for the past few days, but one angle hasn't been as heavily explored yet: is it really a wise investment to make based on The Attendance Crisis of 2013? [Frozen Notes]
  • I'll post this again since some of you might not have gotten to see yesterday's links: be sure to contribute to J.R. Lind's upcoming Conference III Festivus celebration by sending him your Conference III's Most Hated rankings and airing your grievances. If the comments section is any indication, Blues fans are severely under represented over there, so go even out the scales. [III Communication]


  • For all things Albertan (minus the rodeo things - that's on Monday), check out Copper'n'Blue. They totally didn't flake out on my pre-season How-To Hate series. Not even a little. And even if they did, I'm totally over it - which I'm so obviously not because they totally didn't. [Copper'n'Blue]
  • In their last 7 games, the Oilers have allowed more goals on their own power plays than they've scored. Crazy. (Sidenote: if you hover over the 'Sports' tab on this page, you'll find that the 'Gretzky Trade' has it's own main section on the Edmonton Sun's website. Also crazy.) [Edmonton Sun]


    • The Canucks took down the Blackhawks in a shootout last night 3-2, the Ducks beat the Devils in OT, and three other scores you probably don't care about. [ 12/20]
    • 12 games tonight, with the non-Blue highlights being Avalanche-Kings and a Red Wings-Maple Leafs 24/7 appetizer. [ 12/21]
    • Before getting into specific game stories from last night, the domestic assault charges against Avs goalie Semyon Varlamov have been dropped by a Denver judge after prosecutors decided they couldn't prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Which doesn't have jack or shit to do with whether or not it actually happened, but at least in the eyes of the law we'll never know for sure. Varlamov will address the press on the situation later today after their afternoon game in LA. [Denver Post]
    • In on-ice news, Alex Ovechkin notched the empty netter in the Caps 4-2 win against the Canes, which was not only his 29th goal of the year, but his 400th career tally. He reached that plateau in the 6th fewest games in NHL history with 634, behind Gretzky, Mike Bossy, Lemieux, Hullie, and Jari Kurri. Heads up: auto-playing video. [Pro Hockey Talk]
    • Remember how Dustin Brown is a shit stain on the world's tighty-whiteys? Well, apparently, he doesn't see it that way. Tomas Hertl could miss as much as a month, while Brown will miss no league-mandated time at all. [Pro Hockey Talk]
    • The USA and Canadian Women's hockey teams met last night in North Dakota for a pre-Sochi match-up, and as usual the Canadians tried to take their inferiority complex out on the Americans' faces - a women's hockey line brawl, ladies and gentlemen. To everyone's surprise, the US won 4-1, which was approximately 26 goals fewer than they were expected to win by. [Puck Daddy]
    • Coyotes captain Shane Doan has been sidelined since December 4th, apparently because he came down with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which means that someone at Battle of California has perfected the art of the Voodoo Doll. [Puck Daddy]


    • In addition to it being my mother's birthday, today is The One Day a Year I Give a Shit About Basketball! The Annual Illini-Mizzou Braggin' Rights game will tip-off at 4:30 local time at the DrinkScotch Center. I-L-L-... [STLToday] [The Champaign Room] [Rock 'M' Nation]
    • I for one believe that the best part about living in the 21st century is watching old sci-fi and/or action movies set in a "futuristic world" that is current day, and finding everything the writers got so terribly wrong. Here are four of the most ridiculous examples of ones set in 2013. [Cracked]
    • The Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator is basically a way to label how people see and think about the world around them, judged based on a combination of four different criteria. For example, someone might be an Introverted-Sensing-Feeling-Perceiving person, or an ISFP. To illustrate this further, here are a long list of different famous characters and how they fit into this classification, from Apollo 13 to Zombieland. Psychology counts as a Science Saturday. [TV Tropes]
    • In a unanimous 9-0 decision, the Canadian Supreme Court has struck down long standing anti-prostitution laws. Congratulations, Mayor Ford! [Huff Post]


    These are The Best GIFs of 2013, so stock up and have them ready for the proper occasion. Sticktaps, CrossCheckRaise.

    Chuck Norris sends his seasons greetings the only way Chuck Norris knows how. Sticktaps, DanGNR.

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