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Introducing the St. Louis Blues Shot Tracker

A "dashboard" view of St. Louis Blues players' shooting and scoring.

Dilip Vishwanat

I've been inspired by the work of Greg Sinclair and his Super Shot Search as well as Sporting Charts NHL Heat Maps to generate a similar look at how the St. Louis Blues are shooting the puck and scoring goals.

There are four elements to this dashboard tool.  The first is the upper left where you can see overall shooting stats for a player (or the entire team).  In the upper right you can view the that player's shooting percentage season-to-date as well as each individual game.  The bottom half has a rink that shows the location and amount of shots taken that were both saved and made it across the goal line.  The marks are shaded and sized by the number of events which occurred in that location.  The lower right has a chart which breaks down the type of shot and shows the total number of shots taken for each type, as well as how many of those shots were goals.  The bars in that chart are colored by shooting percentage, and there the ability to sort this chart by 4 different options.

There are two filters to help you navigate players and games.  The first is the player filter at the top.  The second is the game date filter above the rink.  For instance, if you choose Alexander Steen as the player you'll notice there are two games where he shot 100%.  If you hove over the bars you'll see the date of those two games.  He scored two goals on the November 25th game.  So go down to the date slide and move it to the right until you get to 11/25/2013.  You'll then see the locations on the rink where he scored his two goals, and the in the lower right shows you he scored on a backhand and wrist shot.

You can also click on a shot type in the lower right chart to filter the rink to show just those shots.

If you see anything interesting, you can download the image of the dashboard by clicking the image that looks like a tray with an arrow. You can also share your view via Twitter or Facebook as well using the buttons at the bottom.

The data is sourced from the NHL Game Center data that they use for their play by play.

Have fun!