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Tuesday Links: Only One More Sleep

Kermit, Judy, Dr. Cox, and #BUTTGOAL all wish you a merry Christmas Eve!

"Hey, did you guys hear about that whole #BUTTGOAL thing?"
"Hey, did you guys hear about that whole #BUTTGOAL thing?"
Dilip Vishwanat

Well, that sucked. Today is not a day to dwell on the past...

...other than this collection of links detailing things that happened yesterday. Not too many today, so please dwell on these.

  • The Blues dropped a 3-1 lead in the 3rd, giving up a tying goal with :04.2 left, then lost in the shootout 4-3. [STLToday]
  • The Calgarian perspective. [Calgary Herald]
  • David Backes ...might have to sit out a couple games for this knee-on-knee collision with Matt Stajan in the last minute of the overtime period. It honestly looked incidental to me, but that probably won't save him from some kind of supplemental discipline. Have a look and judge for yourself. [YouTube]
  • Your scores from last night. Lots of them. [ 12/23]
  • The Avalanche scored 2 goals in the last two minutes against the Sharks to take a 4-3...only to see Joe Pavelski for overtime with 20 seconds left. San Jose eventually won in a shootout. [Fear the Fin]
  • Screw Mark Sanchez and his Butt Fumble, because #BUTTGOAL!!! #BUTTGOAL #BUTTGOAL #BUTTGOAL Click this link because #BUTTGOAL!!! [SBNation]


"The greatest story of all time is A Christmas Carol. And there is only one way to make that better, and that is The Muppet Christmas Carol." - Ricky Gervais

Truer words have never been spoken.

And now presenting the cast of Scrubs, and their interpretation of the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas.

You know what? It's Christmas Eve, why not a third video? Just for today...

"You can't do anything [in New York] like you do in St. Louis!"

Excuse me, it's getting really dusty in here.

Tomorrow will probably be an open bar - or maybe just Soup Tureen. But just in case, send me some links. After all, it's better to give links than to receive them.