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Christmas Open Bar: "Tell me, what day is this?"

"Why, it's CHRISTMAS DAY!"

"I checked twice, and you've been very naughty this year...and so has my shirt."
"I checked twice, and you've been very naughty this year...and so has my shirt."
David Ramos

On behalf of everyone here at St. Louis Game Time and across SBNation, I want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas! Hopefully you're spending today with your family, friends, and anyone else whom you love and who loves you. I hope you got everything you wanted, that you have a great feast of a meal planned for tonight, and most importantly that you and yours are in good health and good fortune. And here's hoping that Tom Stillman, Ken Hitchcock, and the boys have what we've been asking for on layaway until early June.

To give you a few gifts today, here's a few songs for you.

First and foremost, the old school Game Time tradition on Holidays is to bring you awkward white people rapping about food - the most famous of which was about "Soup Tureen." The bad news is that I couldn't find that one. The good news is that I found something just as good:

Okay, back into the spirit of the day...

And finally, this past weekend's Hockey Night In Canada opening. Epic as always, but this time seasonal, too!

Did your aunt get you a link for Christmas that doesn't fit you right, or that you already had? Then go ahead and re-gift it to me - I won't be offended, I promise!

I'll be back to some more normal links tomorrow, especially with the opening of the World Juniors in Sweden. But until then, be safe and enjoy the holiday.