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Blackhawks At Blues Morning Open Thread: Blackhawks Down?

The Blues might be running a few gallons short of a full tank, but they could give the Central-leading Blackhawks a run for their money.

This photo never gets old.
This photo never gets old.

Hey! Did you know that if the Blues beat the Chicago Blackhawks tonight, it'll be four wins in a row against their rivals to the north?

Hey! Did you also know that the Blues recalled Dmitrij Jaskin and Chris Porter again, which means that Alexander Steen and Vladimir Sobotka are more than likely no-gos for game time? This tweet from Jeremy Rutherford might make you feel a little better about all of that:

That's still a pretty respectable top line. Jaden Schwartz has, in his last five games, five goals and seven assists, making up 12 of his 26 points on the season. Attention's been rightfully showered on Chris Stewart while Steen's been injured, but perhaps some love should be going Prince William's way as well.

This is your morning open thread - if you'd like to chat up the World Juniors or pre-emptively bitch about the number of Hawks fans in Scottrade tonight, this's your place. While you're waiting on today's Lighting the Lamp, preview, and game day thread, head on over to Second City Hockey and say hello or whatever the appropriate greeting is.