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Tuesday Links - I Despise Playing LA

Good team beats good team. Kaleta meets Karma. Scott Parker is having problems. Canadian TV deal musings. Gay hockey players singing and dancing. Disrespecting Mizzou. Great texts in reply to wrong numbers. And SEMPER FIDELIS. Enjoy your Tuesday.

Proof that SplodeybonesFace never changes.
Proof that SplodeybonesFace never changes.
Jeff Gross

As of press time, the expected high temperature in my adopted hometown of Missoula, MT will be 6°F on Saturday. And there's a college playoff football game in town that day. Too damn bad I have to work. I wanna be there.

Also, I can only imagine the kind of shit Jaroslav Halak would be taking right now if we had the old Facebook group still open. OH GOD HE SUCKS TRADE HIM TO NAMIBIA!!!1

But whatever. Links!


  • It's like they played a good team with pride and shit. The Kings beat the Blues 3-2, though not without a bit of drama at the end. AuthenticUnspeakableMachine had things to say about it. [SLGT]


  • Scores. One of them happened in Los Angeles, apparently. []
  • Nine games tonight. None of them involve the Blues, which is good because the Blues sucked ass the last two games. []
  • In sweet, sweet irony, right before the Sabres were about to recall Patrick Kaleta, he tears a knee ligament, ending his season. My tears . . . do not exist. [Buffalo News]
  • Pretty sure Ryan Lambert isn't really keen on the new Canadian NHL TV deal. [Puck Daddy]
  • Former Avalanche(s) enforcer Scott Parker says that he doesn't really particularly care for Bob Hartley, but he also can't remember how to do some simple tasks anymore. Concussions . . . they are a bitch. [Denver Post]
  • Canada announced their 25-man WJC camp roster. It'll be cut to 22 before the real deal, and of note . . . NO NCAA players. Nothing but Junior players (and one NHL guy). [Y! / Buzzing The Net]
  • The Chicago Gay Hockey Association made an awesome Christmas video, in that they actually put forth an effort to sing. Seriously, well done, lads. [Puck Daddy]


  • Because people like Tom Fornelli tell the truth, they feed into the fact that no one (AND I MEAN NO ONE) in college sports plays the "No Respect" card quite like Mizzou fans. He put Alabama ahead of both Auburn AND Mizzou. And Florida State and Ohio State ahead of those three. [The Champaign Room]
  • The Kansas City Chiefs are having a rough go of it lately . . . they DID have the "Loudest Crowd in the NFL" AND a perfect record a few weeks ago. Now? Neither. AND . . . the crowd at CenturyLink Field last night not only was loud, but even caused a seismic reaction. STEP UP YOUR GAME, FOOL. [SB Nation]
  • The 28 Most Flawless Responses To A Wrong Number Text . . . some of these are brilliant. (S/T to RBR) [Distractify]


A bunch of Marines singing Macklemore songs and dancing at a military ball in San Diego last month. I'm not much of a Macklemore fan but holy shit, this rules. (S/T to RBR again):

Semper Fidelis.