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Anaheim Ducks At St. Louis Blues Morning Open Thread: #TeemuForever

Everyone thought that last year was the last time that Teemu Selanne would play at the Scottrade Center. Turns out it wasn't - but is tonight? No. They're coming back in January.

Woo! Duck Season!
Woo! Duck Season!
Dilip Vishwanat

This is supposed to be Teemu Selanne's last season in the NHL.


He's retiring this time, see?

This isn't the last time that the ageless wonder will be in Scottrade (there's a game against the Ducks on January 18, but if you want to see him and can't make it to a game next month, this is your last chance.

Actually, even without Teemu, the Ducks'd be a good draw. They're tied with the Blues and Penguins for third in the NHL with 41 points (though the Blues have three games on those teams). The difference here is that while the Blues have 35 goals on their opponents, and the Penguins have 27, the Ducks have just 13. Their top line is carrying all of the weight to boot - even Teemu's having a rough season according to

This is your morning open thread. Say hi to the nice folks at Anaheim Calling while you're waiting on a Lighting the Lamp and game preview. It's cold outside. What else're you going to do?