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POLL: Shattenkirk, Pietrangelo, And Bouwmeester: A Comparison To Two Blues Greats

A tidbit of a factoid in the game notes for tonight's Ducks at Blues game got me wondering what the Game Time community would think about the evolution of two of the the Blues' top defensive defensemen.

Jay Bouwmeester: looking straight into the depths of your soul.
Jay Bouwmeester: looking straight into the depths of your soul.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

As I was thumbing through the game notes for tonight's Ducks/Blues tilt, this little blurb jumped out at me:

Stat of the Night: After each recording 2 points last time out vs. NYI, Jay Bouwmeester and Kevin Shattenkirk have become the first pair of Blues defenseman to reach the 20-pt plateau through the teams first 27 games since Al MacInnis and Chris Pronger in 2000-01.

Right behind them is Alex Pietrangelo, with 18 points on the season thus far. Taking into consideration the success of the Blues' top three defensemen in terms of points, I was curious to see what you guys thought about their future as compared to MacInnis and Pronger. Those two are arguably the best defensive pair in Blues history and were a major factor in the team's regular season success through 2003-2004. One could even make the argument that it wasn't the lockout that zapped the Blues during the mid 2000s - it was adjusting for the loss of two of the team's best players. For stats reference, here's Chopper's stats with the Blues from


And here are Pronger's Blues stats, also from


I'd say those guys were pretty good. Here is my question to you: based on their performance in the Blue note so far, do you see Kevin Shattenkirk, Jay Bouwmeester, and Alex Pietrangelo having the same success as Chris Pronger and Al MacInnis? So far, signs point to yes (at least for Pietrangelo and maybe Shattenkirk), but I would love to hear your opinions in the comments.