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Sunday Links: The Three Bluesketeers

A new nickname, a poll, and the Bruins and SpaghettiOs both do really stupid crap.


If there's any consolation for our severe struggles against California teams, it's that we'll only have to play one of them in the playoffs. Unless one of them starts sucking hardcore.

But hey, that's not till May - in the meantime, we have links to click!


  • How bad was last night's game against the Ducks? It made Ashley, aka, QuiteInsufficientMichaelBluth, physically ill and unable to recap it for us all. Some players score goals to help sick people feel better, apparently Ryan Getzlaf scores goals to make healthy people sick. Good job, baldy. Rob stepped up in her Getzlaf-induced absence. [SLGT]
  • Here's the Anas platyrhynchos* perspective of last night. [Anaheim Calling]

*That's the scientific name for "mallard." Don't be impressed, I looked it up on Wikipedia.

  • Our Great And Fearless Leader: Online Edition Hildymac wants to know your opinion on the potential of The Three Bluesketeers (a nickname I just made up and will now force into my regular vernacular), Alex Pietrangelo/Kevin Shattenkirk/Jay Bouwmeester vs the Chris Pronger/Al MacInnis era. So go and tell her your opinion. Then come back here and tell me your opinion on "The Three Bluesketeers" as a nickname. [SLGT]
  • Alexander Steen doesn't want to talk about his contract until after the season. Which is awful nice of him, seeing as his value probably won't ever be as high as it is right now. [Frozen Notes]
  • Did David Backes Go America All Over A Canadian Olympian's Ass Last Night? (A new day-after feature that I hope and pray will continue as long as Earth still exists.) He tried, but Corey Perry was a little prick about it. Which is a kind of redundant, since I already implied that he is Canadian.


    • The Bruins scored twice in the last 89 seconds last night to earn the comeback win against the Penguins 3-2, but that unfortunately wasn't the story of the game (more on that in a second); Tyler Seguin notched himself a natural hat trick, and Flames-Oilers, Devils-Rangers, & Maple Leafs-Senators - three rivalries that no one has cared about since the '80s, '90's, and early '00s respectively - all ended with charity points. Plus other things. [ 12/7]
    • Only 5 games tonight, but some pretty decent ones. The real question though is how many goals the Blackhawks are going to put up on the Panthers. I'll set the over/under on that at 18.5. [ 12/8]
    • In Boston, "an incident occurred." A couple, actually. The cliff notes: Brad Marchand fell to the ice and James Neal I guess just forgot to not knee him in the temple. In the ensuing scrum, Shawn Thornton tried to settle an earlier score with Brooks Orpik (from what was supposedly a clean hit), who fell backward onto the ice, where Thornton decided to throw a couple of punches anyway. Orpik was stretchered off and Thornton was immediately given a match penalty. Harrison Mooney, who mentions the "shades of Todd Bertuzzi," gives a much fuller account. Expect a couple heavy suspensions. [Puck Daddy]
    • Ken Campbell of The Hockey News says the league was embarrassed by the events last night. He's 99% right. [The Hockey News]
    • Arctic Ice Hockey has a wonderfully informative piece on racism in today's NHL, both subtle and not-so-subtle. A must-read. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
    • Icethetics recently put together some jersey concepts for a theoretical Wild-Blues Winter Classic in Minnesota. I'll be honest, I think I like their Wild concept much better than the Blues one, but I could be biased since I would probably cry if we ever get into a Winter Classic and don't wear these (only without the jacked up Bluenote that looks like something out of the Tracey Ullman-era Simpsons). Seriously, how awesome would this look today? (Don't look at the face in that last one.) Sticktap to @bmsimp [Icethetics]


    • Which NFL games can you watch today? Whichever one you want, because Internet. But if you're just sticking to your television, here's what's playing in your neck of the woods. [506 Sports]
    • If you're going to make a sign to bring to a game to get on TV, make it a memorable one. This guy did just that, and that's why he's my Official J-Mill's Fan Of The Week. [Twitter @hordie]
    • Did I do a Science Saturday yesterday? I don't remember doing one, but I'm too lazy to any case, here's 12 cases of science taking seemingly very obvious things that everyone knows are true and putting them to the scientific test to actually find out that they're all...true. [Mental_Floss]
    • Yesterday was the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. To mark the occasion, the official Twitter account of SpaghettiOs tried to pay tribute to our country. The results might say...less than successful. [Huff Post]


    First up is a rare Christmas song Childhood Trauma tweeted at me last month that I kept in the back pocket til now. It's "Honky The Christmas Goose," and it's a rare track sung by Leafs Hall of Fame goalie Johnny Bower. This song reached number 29 on the charts in December of 1965 because Canada sucks.

    Even Dave Schultz had a better music career.

    Next, if you're Rebecca Black, and you want to just move on from your disastrous and infamous debut song, "Friday," and show that you've grown and matured as a person and artist, what do you do? You're so stupid, the answer's obvious: you record a song called "Saturday."

    Contrary to Ms. Black's joyful dissertations, today is Sunday, which means tomorrow (Monday) DonutKing will provide you with some morning clickables. Send him some to share, won't you?

    It's also Prospects Sunday, and Brian has plenty in store for you. The Baby Blues haven't shit the bed against any California teams lately (at least I don't think so), so come see how they did this week!

    Oh, and Everton plays at Arsenal today - let's go Toffees!