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February Game Time Blues Schedule Wallpaper

From our very own RealBadRobot is this month's Blues schedule wallpaper featuring our favorite pantsless blue bear, Louie.


I'm pretty firmly in the "mascots are awesome" camp, thanks to a beaking by Fredbird at an early age and being exposed to Thrash's awesomeness here in Atlanta. Some folks think they're dumb, but I think they serve a vital purpose of getting kids into the game, pumping up the crowd, and trash talking.

This month's Blues schedule wallpaper from RealBadRobot features the Blues' award-nominated mascot Louie. Sure, he never wears pants in public, but if you were able to do whatever you wanted to, would you?

Thought so.

If the wallpaper size isn't to your liking here, don't forget you can download the image from Deviant Art as well.