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Blues At Red Wings GameDay Stream

The Blues are in Detroit today to see if they can improve their record to 7-1-0, while the Red Wings are working on just proving that they're still contenders.

Dave Sandford

You can't expect another night like the season opener tonight. The Red Wings are a bit more together now, the kinks are worked out, and they've added Kent Huskins to the defensive corps. And remember, he cares.

Unfortunately for the Red Wings, one player does not repair a defensive group who is injured and who isn't going to get their best player in decades back any time soon.

The Wings have won three straight at Joe Louis Arena and six of the last seven, so this isn't an easy environment for the Blues to come into. It's not exactly the Madhouse on Madison, but it's also not somewhere that they're used to winning a lot, either. But they've won four in a row in pretty convincing fashion, be it scraping from behind or just outplaying their opponents.

This is your morning preview thread -- discuss how you think tonight's matchup will go. Discuss what period you think that Barret Jackman will score in. See if you can figure out who the next Wing to go down with an injury will be. Check back later for some Road Music, a game preview, and the GDT. if you're feeling up to it, Winging It In Motown is punctual and has their game preview up already. Go see what they have to say about tonight's game.