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Three Questions With Winging It In Motown's J.J. From Kansas

This went really well with Dan P. of The Cannon yesterday, so let's try this again with J.J. From Kansas from tonight's opponent blog, Winging It In Mowown. This will probably be a regular feature now; it's good to see what our fellow blogs think about their own team instead of the opposition's team for once. You guys can check out my answers to their three questions over at their site.

1. I think most people realize that Carlo Colaiacovo and Kent Huskins aren't replacements for Nicklas Lidstrom because no one could be. What do you view their actual role on the blue-line to be?

If Carlo Colaiacovo and Kent Huskins can just do to serviceably replace Brad Stuart and Brian Rafalski, I think thy would have done what's needed of them. Colaiacovo's one game after the season-opening debacle before his Boneitis struck was a very solid one. I mean... it was against the Blue Jackets, but what else is a serviceable NHL defenseman supposed to do than play well against teams you're expected to beat? There are still a lot of ifs on the blue line, but teams have had it worse than having too many 2nd-pairing capable D-men on their roster.

2. A lot of pundits and fans of other teams have written the Wings off as either not being in the playoff picture at all, or being a late sneak in and an early exit. What's your response to that?

Wish and pray for it for a decade and eventually your wish will come true, I guess. At this point, there's basically zero to lose by calling once again for the Wings' early demise if you're a hockey pundit. If you're right, then you get to say you called it. If you're wrong, then you get to write flowery bullshit about how Ken Holland pulled another rabbit out of his hat. If you don't say that and the Wings miss the playoffs, then you're the jerkoff playing the violin on the deck of the Titanic. As for an early exit? The parity playoffs mean anything can happen. I wouldn't be surprised by a whole range of possibilities, but all I can confidently say is that I think the Wings have a chance in the crazy postseason lottery. They're not as bad as people want them to be, but they're certainly not going to be labeled as a strong contender at this point.

3. Detroit's working on a new arena sometime in the new future. Are you all looking forward to the Wings having a new home, or are you sad to see the history of the Joe go?

I love history, love love love it. That said, I hate nostalgia for ugly old buildings just because cool stuff happened there. The Wings could very much use a new arena with better facilities. The Joe has charm and it's a cool place to watch a hockey game, but the people there make the place and those people will be at a new building as well. Even better, those people will be at a new building with a roomier concourse so I'll end up hating fewer of them as I try to push my way through a crowd for the benefit of pissing in a trough. It's not like the banners aren't moving with them. If you want to fall in love with a gray brick, I've got some Legos lying around you can have.