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Kings At Blues Morning Open Thread

The Blues need to close out their five game homestand with a win, and the Kings just lost a heartbreaker in Detroit. Will tonight be more of the same ol' same ol'? Not if Jaroslav Halak has anything to say about it.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Blues are finally getting Jaroslav Halak back in net tonight, and Saturday night showed us that the offense is apparently capable of working, so tonight should go well, right? The Kings are in 14th place in the Western Conference, which is an amazingly mind-blowingly awful start for a Stanley Cup champion team. They've won just three games on the season, and their last loss was a heartbreaker. How much of one? Witness:

Of course it was against Detroit. Of course it was. Tonight I'm sure the Kings would prefer to win, but you have to ask yourself -- will this be a Kings team that is beaten down and bruised, or is this one who wants to come back from adversity? The Blues better hope they're the former, and they also better hope that the defense is firing on all cylinders in front of Halak. Don't force him to do it all like you had Brian Elliott doing. Sometimes it's ok to help a goalie out.

This is your morning thread. Predict, pray, do whatever it is you do. Stay tuned for Three Questions with Jewels From The Crown, a game preview, a new Lighting the Lamp, and of course the GameDay Thread and Recap.

Good God, end this streak. Let's Go Blues.