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Jaroslav Halak Injury: Halak Suffers Setback In Warm-Ups; Elliott Starts Game

The Blues just can't catch a break recently. They activated Jaroslav Halak off of the injured reserve yesterday, fully expecting him to start tonight's game against the Los Angeles Kings. Brian Elliott has started the last four games, going 0-3-1 and offering up shaky performance after shaky performance; it was time for him to get a break.

What a relief, then, to see Halak out there taking warm-ups. And then, you start seeing tweets like this:

Oh, ok. Maybe that was just a typo. Nope. Elliott starts the game in net, and Halak's on the bench. What happened? Halak re-tweaked his groin during warm-ups. Of course, after the end of one period, the Kings lead 1-0 on a Jeff Carter goal. More of the same from Elliott? Hopefully not. He looked a little better that period, but it would be helpful for the guy who didn't expect to start tonight if the Blues would maintain offensive zone pressure. The Kings lead in shots on goal 7-5.