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Kings At Blues Recap: Blues Drop Fifth In A Row 4-1 To Kings

The Blues lost Jaroslav Halak to a groin injury re-tweak and fall to 6-5-1 on the season after tonight's 4-1 loss.


The Blues have now lost five in a row, and have gotten just one point on this four game homestand out of a possible eight. The team that started the year 6-1-0 is now 6-5-1, and gets to go on the road for three straight games. Who do they see first? The Detroit Red Wings, of course. Sure, a stop in Calgary might cure what ails 'em, but that's not a sure fire win. Vancouver? Nope. There are no sure-fire wins for the Blues right now, and until they get out of this groupthink of "oh, we can come from behind to fix things," there won't be.

I don't know what to say other than what I've said before. Lax defense, forwards not applying pressure, Brian Elliott alternatively being hung out to dry and hanging himself out to dry... would the result be any different if Jaroslav Halak had not tweaked his groin again? Probably not. Did him going down in warm-ups throw the team? Sure, but they're professionals who are supposed to be able to handle anything life throws at them.

Elliott has allowed 20 goals in his last four games. If Halak's groin is still screwed up, look for Jake Allen to come back. Elliott needs a physical and mental break, and while I would say that the whole team needs to clear their minds, with the way that they're playing, it's already been done.

I'd much rather not see an embarrassment Wednesday night on NBCSN, but I won't hold my breath.