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Blues At Red Wings Morning Open Thread: Blues Need A Win. Now.

The month of February hasn't been kind to the Blues or their fans. Is tonight the night that the streak is snapped?

Dave Sandford

Hey, NHL scheduling gurus/hockey gods. Very funny. The Blues' hope to avoid a six game losing streak is to go into Joe Louis Arena and to beat the Detroit Red Wings. This is punishment for opening night, isn't it? Backes getting tossed, the Blues losing two of the last five games to the Wings, and now they have to go there and beat them tonight.

Some Blues fans think the refs are biased in favor of Detroit. I don't. I just think that the hockey gods are.

In all seriousness, though, Jake Allen'll probably get the start tonight, as he's been recalled while Jaroslav Halak rests his groin. Brian Elliott'll be on the bench, I suppose. Typing that doesn't give me confidence. This is your morning open thread. Please check back later for Three Questions with J.J., some Road Music, and of course a game preview followed by a gameday thread.

Go on and pop those beers now. Get started early -- you'll need it.

Let's go Blues.