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Blues At Red Wings: Blues Using Opening Night Line Combinations Tonight

Maybe this'll fix things: after games of line-scramble, coach Ken Hitchcock is reverting to what he iced opening night, with the obvious exception being in net. Andy McDonald, Alex Steen, and Vladimir Tarasenko will be back together, which should be welcome news for those of us who enjoyed watching them rack up points like they were catching Pokemon.

"Tarasenko played his best with those two guys and as much as we probably need help somewhere else up the lineup, those three guys were a combination, so we'll just stay with it," Hitchcock said.

I understand the coaching technique of mixing up lines to catch your team's attention, or to see if a lagging player does better elsewhere. But as a technique to see just if something -- anything! -- works? I think sometimes sticking with what you know might be best, and then you just let them work stuff out. Nothing else has worked so far during this losing streak -- you might as well try what you know works.