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Friday Links: This is Going Down in Flames.

It's the freakin' weekend baby 'bout to have me some fun.*

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Dilip Vishwanat

Blues News:

Hockey News:

  • "It costs us money; it disrupts our season," asinine reason to not go to Sochi, Gary Bettman. ASININE. [NY Times]
  • I don't think Adam Oates will be coaching in DC next season so who cares what he thinks. [WAPO]
  • There were a few games last night. I didn't really pay attention to them. Did you? [Puck Daddy]
  • I'm disappointed there is no Don Cherry Suit Yourself application. I would spend all my time doing that. [The Sun]
  • Sounds Finnishy. [NHL]
  • Get rid of the shoot-out. The novelty has worn off. Hockey is more popular than badminton. Solid points. [CBS Boston]

Other Something:

  • A day late, sure. But Valentine's Day can be celebrated this weekend without a single one of these 44 tips*. [Nerve]


*These two are not related.