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Chris Stewart Has Tremendous Nickname For Patrik Berglund

While reading through the Post-Dispatch's coverage, trolling for info for today's Game Day coverage, I came across an article about Patrik Berglund and Chris Stewart and their search for chemistry. Usual stuff. Except for this:

" ‘Berg dog’ had the puck on the wall and I was coming across," Stewart said. "He paused it and said, ‘Right there, if you don’t say, ‘Bergy I’m with you,’ I can’t make that play. I’ve got to trust that you’re going to be talking.’ "

"Berg Dog." Ok, then. Is that like 'bird dog?" Is that along the lines of HillDawg? Is there something more to it that fans probably really don't need to know? I've never come across this nickname before, but hey, let's run with it.

So far, as far as nicknames go, we now have:

  • Berg Dog
  • Bergie
  • TechnoViking
  • Iceberg

Any others? I think this deserves some brainstorming in the comments.