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Blues At Flames Recap: Perron Scores Two, Allen Has Highlight Reel Saves In 5-2 Win

The Blues spoiled Jarome Ignila's 1200th game with a clicking powerplay, a goalie on his game, and a tenacity to keep up quality play.

Derek Leung

There wasn't much doubt that the Blues would have a good chance of winning this game tonight. The Calgary Flames have had issues with goaltending, and for a team with firepower, it's an easily exploitable weakness. The Blues, when they're clicking, have some firepower -- and tonight they exploited the heck out of both of Calgary's netminders.

Jaden Schwartz had his father in the building tonight, and he had a hell of a game to build off of from Wednesday night. His chemistry with linemates Patrik Berglund and Chris Stewart has been building, and this goal to put the Blues up 1-0, while just his first of the year, was practically guaranteed to happen.

Before the fact that Schwartz scored his first of the season could even sink in, Schwartz made the second goal of the night happen. His pass to Patrik Berglund was outstanding, but the real beauty of this play was that Chris Stewart suckered Leland Irving into tracking him, not Berglund.

Super easy goal, and there ends Irving's evening. Welcome Joey MacDonald. All of this momentum could have been snapped though, had the Blues' goaltender, Jake Allen, not been on his game tonight. T.J. Brodie had a perfectly empty net in which to knock the puck... or so he thought.

That absolutely has to be a save of the year candidate. The nonchalance with which Allen caught the puck after expertly kicking it up into the air with his stick was a thing of beauty. Saves like that can change an entire game, or keep a game on track, and that's what this did. This save gave the Blues some oomph behind their play for the rest of the first. Alex Steen knocked in this rebound to score the first goal against MacDonald:

That was Steen's fourth goal of the year, and continued his point streak to five games. During those games, Steen has four assists and four goals, which I would say makes for a nice little point streak.

The Blues' power play unsurprisingly converted against Calgary's shaky penalty kill, with David Perron's goal coming with just under three minutes left; the goal carreid the Blues into the second period with some oomph.

Unfortunately, the four goal lead is a tough one to hold, and Jake Allen's tremendous saves still couldn't keep the puck out of his net. Dennis Wideman hammered a shot home right off of the face-off, which was the only goal scored by either team in the second period.

Two minutes into the third period, Curtis Glencross' goal into a wide open net was thanks to a perfect pass from Calgary's captain, Jarome Iginla. About a minute and a half later, David Perron scored his second power play goal of the night to put the game out of reach. The Blues' incredible power play is now clicking at a 35.8% rate.

Jake Allen is now 2-0 in the NHL, and he'll probably get a chance to go up 3-0 on a very tough Vancouver Canucks team on Sunday evening. The Blues seem to be playing the kind of hockey that they're best at, so it's going to be a tough go of it for the Canucks the day after tomorrow.