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Blues At Canucks Morning-ish Open Thread

Will Jake Allen get win number three? Will there be more superhuman saves? Will there be biting? Stay tuned.

Rich Lam

Apologies on the tardiness of the open thread. Presidents Day celebrations can get out of hand, yo.

Anywho, it's an 8:00 start time tonight as the Vancouver Canucks are nice enough to start the game early in their afternoon instead of at night. No 1:30 bedtime tonight, no sir! Hopefully the game will be a continuation of the return to Blues Hockey that we've been seeing as of late.

It'll be Jake Allen against Roberto Luongo tonight, so it's a battle of the back-ups, I guess. What a happy problem for the Canucks to have two starters. I wonder how that feels? Oh, wait -- we had that last season with the Blues. Maybe tonight'll be a flashback for Brian Elliott and we can get out of the basement of the league's save percentage.

Chat away -- later on there'll be a preview, some Road Music, the game day thread, and I'm hoping a Three Questions with the fine folks at Nucks Misconduct.